Evernote trials limiting its free plan to a maximum of 50 notes


Evernote has begun limiting the features included in the app’s free plan, which currently only allows you to use one notebook and create a maximum of 50 notes, to encourage users to upgrade their account to a paid version.

Currently, the application for taking notes and organizing tasks has a free version that allows users to upload up to 60MB per month and a maximum size for each note. which is 25MB. It also allows you to attach PDF files, photos or other types of documents. In this sense, in addition to the amount of space used, there are no limits to the number of notes.

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Following this line, Evernote also offers several paid subscription plans, from the personal plan for 8.33 euros per month to the professional plan for 10.83 euros per month or the ‘Evernote Teams’ plan for 19.99 euro per month per user. . These plans offer support for more storage, larger notes, and other features like syncing across devices.

However, the platform has announced that it has begun to test the limit of some features of the free plan, in particular, allowing a maximum of 50 notes and a notebook to be created.

Evernote detailed this through a notice sent to some users with free accounts, to which TechCrunch had access. On this note, it also offers discounts of 40 percent for different subscription levels, to encourage users to upgrade their account through a payment plan. “Update now to create unlimited notes and notebooks,” the announcement says.

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In this framework, the company confirms in the same medium that it is a series of tests that they have carried out on a percentage of users who have the free version and that, therefore, the website has not been updated. of these changes because they are not final.

Finally, Evernote indicated that when these free plan limitations are fully implemented, it will officially announce them through “relevant customer contact points.”

In addition to all this, this limitation does not influence existing documents or notes, so users can continue to manage, view or export their files already stored in the application.