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Every legendary weapon you can find in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. can find in

The legendary weapons in Fortnite are some of the strongest weapons in the game. If players know how to use these powerful weapons, there’s a good chance they’ll get a Victory Royale. Naturally, Legendary weapons are highly valued in Chapter 3 Season 3, and everyone wants to get their hands on one.

Darth Vader recently arrived on the island as an NPC with his infamous lightsaber. The special weapon was recently placed in a vault after the Fourth of May’s Star Wars event ended. However, with the arrival of the leader of the Galactic Empire, lightsabers have returned as a mythical weapon.

In addition to the Darth Vader Mythic Boss NPC, players can also obtain mythic weapons from their Reality saplings.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 . List of legendary weapons in

There are currently a total of nine legendary weapons on the island. While only one of these can be earned by defeating Mythic Bosses, players can gain a lot of rest.

1) Mythic Lightsaber


Darth Vader is the only mythic boss in Chapter 3 Season 3. Epic Games added Vader as an NPC boss after the v21.20 update, and he is the only NPC on the island who wields a mythic weapon.

Obviously, in order to find Lightsaber in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players will have to track him down. To do so, they must follow his dropship that flies with the battle bus. There is no fixed spawn location for this Mythic Boss and it changes every game.

Mythic Lightsaber deals 45 damage for every strike, 25 damage for every spin, and 150 damage for a slam. Players will have to defeat the Darth Vader mythic boss in order to acquire powerful weapons, which is no easy task.

2) Stryker Pump Shotgun

Mythic Striker Pump Shotgun In Fortnite (Image Via Epic Games)
Mythic Striker Pump Shotgun in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Players can also get a mythic version of the Stryker Pump Shotgun from their reality saplings.

The weapon deals 120 damage with a headshot damage of 222. The Mythic shotgun has a rate of fire of 0.65 and a reload time of 4.75 seconds.

3) Auto Shotgun


The second Mythic Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is a variant of the Auto Shotgun. Once again players can get it only from Reality Sapling.

The weapon deals 98.40 damage, with a headshot damage of 172.2. The Mythic Shotgun has a rate of fire of 1.5 and a reload time of 5.415 seconds.

4) Heavy Sniper Rifle

Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle In Fortnite (Image Via Ifiremonkey/Twitter)
Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite (Image via iFireMonkey/Twitter)

The third mythic weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 that players can acquire from their reality saplings is the Heavy Sniper Rifle. It is one of the few weapons that can shoot enemies one-by-one.

The weapon deals 138 damage with 207 headshot damage. The Mythic Sniper Rifle has a rate of fire of 0.65 and a reload time of 4.75 seconds.

5) Ranger Assault Rifle

Lastly, Reality Sapling also offers players the Mythic Ranger assault rifle. This is the strongest AR in the game. However, it also comes with a significant recoil that players need to control.

The weapon deals 36 damage, with headshot damage of 54. The Mythic assault rifle has a rate of fire of 4 and a reload time of 2.375 seconds.

6) Hammer Assault Rifle

New AR Stats! – “Assault Rifle: Fully Automatic, Flexible Assault Rifle with Unique Recoil”

If players plant their reality tree in the grasslands, they have a chance to get Mythic Hammer AR in Forntite Chapter 3 Season 3. This is one of the latest Mythic weapons on the island.

The weapon deals 35 damage, with a headshot damage of 52.5. The Mythic Assault Rifle has a rate of fire of 5.8 and a reload time of 1.87 seconds.

7) Two-shot Shotgun

The second latest mythic weapon in the game is the two-shot shotgun version. Players can achieve this by planting their realme sapling in the realme falls itself.

The weapon deals 69 damage with a headshot damage of 126. The Mythic shotgun has a rate of fire of 1.49 and a reload time of 7.14 seconds.

8) Stinger SMG

Fortnite players: Epic needs to balance the SMGS. Everyone: AgreedEpic Games: Feel Good – Enjoy our brand-new Legendary Stinger SMG

The only Mythic SMG in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is The Stinger. Planting a Reality Sapling in the Desert Biome can help players receive a Mythic Stinger once every 24 hours.

The weapon deals 24 damage, has a rate of fire of 12, and a reload time of 2 seconds.

9) DMR

Lastly, the all-new DMR also has a Mythic version in Fortnite and can be found once players have planted their Reality Sapling in the mountain biome.

The weapon deals 58 damage, with 87 headshot damage. The Mythic shotgun has a rate of fire of 2.5 and a reload time of 2.12 seconds.

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