“Every Square Meter Created Will Never Come Back”


This piece of the best farm in Sumiswald BE is about to be restocked and sold.

Owners are allowed to rub their hands if a piece of agricultural land is reassigned as building construction land in Switzerland. Because the country enjoys massive gains in value practically overnight. One square meter of agricultural land in Switzerland is traded for 6 francs. On the other hand, the cost of building construction ranges from 200 to several thousand francs per square metre.

Only: usable land is scarce in Switzerland. At least since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many people in this country have been asking themselves: How much agricultural land are you willing to sacrifice for construction? Therefore, the SVP is also preparing for the initiative of the farmers. The gist of it is that the degree of self-sufficiency in Switzerland should increase to at least 60 percent. Because: The war in Ukraine has consequences for the global food market, and attention is increasingly focused on its own food security.


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