Everyone decided on a home run? League finalists, by statistics

 Everyone decided on a home run?  League finalists, by statistics

The Betplay II 2023 League is progressing and, although there is a lot of ground, there is nothing clear between the possible finalists.

In the quadrangular A, it is worth saying that, with 12 points, Deportes Tolima, with an outstanding performance in these semifinals, seems to be close to being decided, but Junior (7) is hiding, holding a mathematical possibility which required the fall of those led by David. González.

A point this Saturday against Águilas will be enough as their goal difference of +10 is probably more valuable than an ‘invisible point’.

For quadrangular B, on the other hand, everything is more open: although Medellín and Millonarios are tied with 9 points, the advantage goes to the Antioqueños because of the so-called invisible point or competitive advantage’; but it must also be said that Atlético Nacional, revived thanks to the 6 points it won against América de Cali (the only one eliminated), is there, watching any defeat of the two above .

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Now, in the light of the statistics, the issue should not have changed about what the standings are now. Tolima, with 94.2 percent, is the most likely finalist in group A and in group B, Medellín retains 65.8 percent of the options, compared to Millonarios, with 30.9 percent.

This is the calculation of the X Matics-Football account:


Tolima – 94.2%

Junior- 5.8%

Eagles – 0%

Cali – 0%

Medellín – 65.8%

Millionaires – 30.9%

National – 3.3%

America – 0%