Everyone is speculating


Just a few days after we saw that Charles III had been released from the hospital after prostate surgery and that in principle everything had gone well, Buckingham Palace announced in a statement that he had been hospitalized during treatment. “Another cause for concern was seen”. Subsequent clinical trials have identified a form of cancer.”

What do they say in the United Kingdom?

In Espejo Público he talks with Vanity Fair journalist Emma Roig. He added: “People are in a state of shock.” Journalists point out that the English were accustomed to the iron health of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign: “She died at the age of 96. “Charles had been waiting 73 years to become king and discovered he had the problem just nine months after his coronation.”

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Journalists explain that the situation worsened because Charles III “tried to reduce as much as possible the number of royal family members who could represent him in case he became ill.”

What type of cancer do you have?

Emma Roig says that right now, in the United Kingdom. “There is a very serious crisis.” Everyone is watching Buckingham. “No one knows what type of cancer they have.” And he explains that: “It is information by elimination. First they say they don’t have cancer, it’s a prostate test. Then he has cancer, but it’s not prostate. So everyone is speculating.”

Enrique is about to arrive in London

Prince Harry is about to land in London, “As soon as he found out, he flew to the United Kingdom, but he arrived without Meghan Markle.” This is a long-awaited visit for the British, because as Emma Roig explains: “Everyone hopes that this is the only advantage of this situation, this is the return of the prodigal son. It seems like this could be a way for the brothers to get closer.

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