Everyone knows: The junior from Barranquilla already has a day to postpone the match

Everyone knows: The junior from Barranquilla already has a day to postpone the match

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The junior from Barranquilla will have a late game in a few days, but things have already been resolved by Dimayor. The highest body of the Colombian professional football has confirmed the schedules of several games that were behind the schedule and among all that “rojiblancos”. This duel is one of the most important in FPC.

This is because curiosity and the way in which they were encouraged were important. The main idea is to get the key things for both and the points are the key in the game. Arturo Reyes and Fuad Char, the coach and the main partner, are already aware that these changes and itineraries must be important. Now, the teams continue on their own business.

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The match postponed to the 7th between Junior de Barranquilla and América de Calis, which takes place in Pascual Guerrero, has been rescheduled. The duel will now be held on March 23 at 8:10 PM in Cali and it is expected that the teams will be clear about all of this so that there are no problems. If any accident occurs, you will be notified.

For now, the “rojiblancos” are waiting for great things in the Copa Sudamericana. The Barranquilleros will face Deportes Tolima this Thursday, where they hope to win a prize of $250,000 that advances to the group stage. Everything is expected to be confirmed in the next few hours.

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The junior from Barranquilla will feature ‘Cariaco’ González.

The Venezuelan will return to the field with Junior released from Barranquilla in the duel against Union Magdalena. The club is waiting for the best thing to happen for him, as he is hungry to show that he is a starter in the team. Will Tolima be taken? This is a question that many club followers are asking themselves.


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