Ricardo Arjona explained to his fans why his body part is bigger


This week they will be in JAMEs for the concerts of Ricardo Arjona. The Guatemalan singer ended his tour in Chile, and on Saturday the first date took place, which, of course, made his fans happy.

It should be noted that the concerts will be held in September, but the artist must have spinal surgery and rest, so he must schedule his shows in December.

“If they see my pot, it’s bigger.”

During the concert, the singer apologized to his fans for changing the date of his shows, which drew applause from the audience present: “First of all, an apology for moving the date to today.” “Things are made for a reason.”

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“We should be together now. I have the intention of listening to the instructions of the doctors. I move a little; you can’t see the agility that defines me, but I bring a voice, I bring a guitar, I bring friends, and there you are.The artist started by saying, When he just started his show,.

However, one thing that the audience of the show celebrated was when the Guatemalan explained why his butt is so big: “What do they call the back here? Al derriere, buttocks, buttocks? How do they call it “photo? “, which elicited shouts and applause from the public.

Ricardo Arjona Explained To His Fans Why His Body Part Is Bigger

Then, the singer went on to explain his situation: “I’ll tell you, if you see my pothos, it’s a bit bulging because I have a big belt that’s holding everything back. Don’t be afraid; I never grew up in that place; I’m the same as always.” He ended up making his loyal fans laugh.

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