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Everything you need to know if you want to buy one in Ecuador

In Ecuador there are 23 brands that sell plug-in electric cars and there are 42 models that sell between USD 28,000 and USD 150,000.

Did you do? about six years look at the streets of Ecuador sees electric cars those charged with plug, it was amazing and as wonderful see a two meter tall man.

on In 2019, only 65 cars were sold of this type between January and August. Ecuador has a automotive fleet of 2.1 million vehicles light that year.

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But now, As of August 2023 alone, 77 units have been sold. And in eight months of this year, in general, the dealerships have sold 448 electric cars.

With this dynamic, the Energy Regulation and Control Agency and Non-Renewable Natural Resources (arc no) calculated that, In 2040, there will be 387,907 cars around Ecuador of this type, in a conservative scenario.

In Ecuador, dealerships are sold models from USD 28,000 even the most sophisticated ones, which can cost some USD 150,000.

Audi For example, sold 55 electric cars this year in the country.

And, despite the market grows, it is still rare see a car stopped on the road, with a plug and a long cable, connected to a box, which is its portable charger.

Or seeing a driver get out of his car to, by himself, load your car in a similar handle of those of fuel dispensers to connect it to one of the fast charging stations which is placed in the country’s private company.

As part of Sustainable Mobility Week on September 21, 2023, six, at 23 brands which they sell 42 electric models this year participated in a caravan, organized by the Association of Automotive Companies of Ecuador (Aeade).

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So, those who walk through except the Municipality of Ambato the curious came to take pictures with one of the 13 models of electric cars who arrived in this city, from Quito, in a caravan.

Myths and truths

One of the first doubts that arise among drivers is How far can one of these cars go? without needing to pay again. This is known as autonomy.

When the industry Electric cars gave their first measures in Ecuador, the autonomy is low Therefore the first clients They are disillusioned with this technology.

But now the panorama is different. In Ecuador have models designed with the autonomy of travel up to 650 kilometers which is, more or less, the distance between Quito and Loja.

Although there are also models with an autonomy of 200 kilometers which is enough to go from Guayaquil to Villamil Playas and back to the Main Port.

In the Aeade caravan, for example, the models Kia’s EV6 and BYD’s Yuan They left Quito together about 95% of its payment. The two arrived in Ambato and returned to Quito, with a percentage of the payment enough to keep walking.

Marco Ávila, fleet manager of Kia, which has three electric models in Ecuador, explains that the duration of charging is also depends on how you drive and the topography of the road.

Electric vehicles usually have three modes: economy, normal and sport style, which use the most energy.

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For example, in sport mode, one of the BYD models can range from 0 to 100 kilometers hourly speed 4.2 seconds.

And the costs?

Gonzalo Guerrón, director of renewable energies at Empresa Eléctrica Quito, explained that with fast charging points, like the ones in this entity, A car can be charged between 40 minutes and an hour and a half depending on the model.

However, car charge at home with a 220 volt connector, which is required for example for induction cookers, requires about eight hours Add.

Thus, charging an electric car is possible costs USD 8 and USD 10 depending on the charging point and the type of vehicle.

In Ecuador, the arc no established the fare cost load for these vehicles, which are from USD 0.05 to USD 0.10 per kilowatt time, according to the schedule where the car is charged.

For example, the The kilowatt hour rate is USD 0.08 If the vehicle is loaded into a house, 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

But if the Charging is between 22:00 and 07:59 the rate is USD 0.05. And charging the car at the same time, but at a fast charging station costs USD 0.04.

According to a study by Arcernnr, the 95% of clients prefer to load the car at night, at home.

The above, because still There is no extensive network in Ecuador in points fast charging.

Another factor to consider is that the electric car batteries they can costing about USD 8,000, but between six and seven years. However, these cars require less maintenance costs.

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A luxury competition between electric cars

Despite the speed they can reach in sport mode, how quiet an electric car can be is surprising.

To catch them just press a button. And even he the car is ready does not emit the classic combustion engine sound, and No vibration either..

In addition, it is surprising that these cars are common They don’t have a traditional emergency tire that gasoline cars have, because they have a tire inflation system.

It happened because the brands wanted it cars are lighter since Weight gain may also require more energy.

Electric cars are also competing luxury and technology to attract more customers.

Brands are enforced cameras with sensors to warn of noises or lights, when you leave the lane or if another vehicle is too close.

There are also models with camera to detect if maintained by the driver Eyes closed many times.

Hugo Ortiz, brand manager of BYD, which leads sales in Ecuador this year, explained that they have identify two types of consumer behavior.

There are those who They are looking for an electric car as their second car because this type of car is released from the peak and plaque in Quito. In addition, parking fees in public areas are not paid.

Therefore, according to Aeade, the 52% of electric car sales were reported in Quito.

And the second type of client, who younger which intends to move with a vehicle that causes minimal impact on the environment.

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