Exclusivity due to the fusion of Batur and the Diavel V4

exclusivity due to the fusion of Batur and the Diavel V4

Collaborations between brands are a trend, but between Bentley and Ducati It is more natural, although its values ​​(beauty and sportiness) are different. But they are united by belonging to Volkswagen Group…and that is why their distinguishing marks mix well.

And the Ducati Diavel For Bentley is the best example. A combination of the mechanical power of double exclusivity: first, to get the parts of a car with only 18 units worldwide, all are unique: the Bentley Batur; and, secondly, because at the same time it is a limited edition of only 500 units.

the sports cruiser The Italian combined with shelf by some details that immediately distinguish it from the rest of the Devil. Starting with the color Scarab which belongs to the custom color palette of Bentley Mullinercontinued through the outstanding rear wheel design -in the image and appearance of the car- and with the logos of Bentley and the seat visible.

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This last element once again marks a Bentley Batur link (On the other hand, the most powerful model produced by the British brand, with its 740 CV). In the Diavel, it is presented in Alcantara with red details, the same color combination as the interior of the English coupe.

The 500 Diavel For Bentley will show its unique character in the number plate which is carried by the carbon cover on the right side cylinder head. There is also a certificate of authenticity and there is a deck and a LITTER for the passenger that can be mounted on the tail. And, if we want to end the set, we can ask for a casco and one limited edition technical jacket and colors to match the engine.

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Very curious about The transposition of the Batur grille design on the side air intakes of the Ducati. The fender, fairing, exhaust, and tank designs were also changed to match the style of the Bentley, and the carbon fiber for parts such as headlight and radiator covers, exhaust, engine, side panels, and tail. It also emphasizes that it is coming equipped as standard with the navigator.

Ducati Diavel For Bentley Mulliner: more exclusive

But the matter did not stop there. with Ducati will produce 50 additional parts even more special … and limited to Bentley’s most exclusive clients: the so-called Ducati Diavel For Bentley Mulliner.

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in them, you can choose a color for the seat, front calipers, carbon parts, and rims. For example, to go the same as the owner’s Bentley…(which tends to be individual).

Neither of the two ‘winged’ Diavels featured mechanical innovations. They both go engine Granturismo V4 1,158 cc and 168 horses of power.