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Exercises to strengthen the liver and prevent excess fat in this organ

The accumulation of fat in the liver, also known as fatty liver disease or hepatic steatosis, is a condition closely related to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other disorders characterized by insulin resistance.

Too much fat in this organ can cause inflammation, which can lead to damage and scarring. In severe cases, this scarring causes liver failure. According to the portal, when this disease occurs in a person who drinks heavily, it is known as fatty liver due to alcoholism. Healthline.

It is a condition that usually does not show any symptoms, even when it is advanced. However, one of its effects is that it can cause the liver to become enlarged, and when this happens, it can cause pain or discomfort in the upper right side of the abdomen, which is the area between the hips and chest. Explains the National Library. medical. from the United States.

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A study published in the journal Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism concluded that daily high-intensity exercise would help people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Scientists compared high-intensity versus moderate-intensity exercise and their respective effects on liver fat in adults. One of the findings was that just as moderate activity seems to help improve liver health, shorter, more intense exercise works as well, indicating patients may need longer periods of exercise to get results. Don’t have to, but they are worth sharpening.

Another option is to walk. According to information from the newspaper, daily 30-minute walks three to seven times a week help reduce weight and body fat, which benefits the liver. Universe.

Aerobics should also not be missed. According to experts, the purpose of this physical activity is to reduce body fat. One of the recommendations is to start with a moderate intensity routine, especially if the person leads a sedentary lifestyle.

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It is an exercise that helps in losing weight, burning fat and calories, increasing lung capacity and improving balance. Jogging can be added to this, as running stimulates the work of various muscles in the body, facilitating weight loss and muscle tone.

It is important to be clear that it will not be possible to eliminate fat with exercise alone, but it must be combined with the consumption of a balanced diet and one of the first actions is to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.

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Research indicates that only 16% of the fat in the liver in people with the disease comes from dietary fat. Rather, the majority of this fat is a product of fatty acids in the blood, and about 26% of this fat is formed in a process called de novo lipogenesis, in which excess carbohydrates are converted to fat.

It is important to consume monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocados and nuts while avoiding foods high in saturated fat, refined carbohydrates or sugar. Studies show that simple sugars, red meat, processed foods, and low-fiber foods can lead to this condition.

It is also advised to include green tea in the diet. Scientific evidence indicates that its antioxidants called catechins help reduce liver fat and inflammation in people with the disease. magazine information better with health Recommend drinking four small cups of green tea and coffee a day, as the latter drink also provides benefits for relieving fatty liver.

Finally, according to Healthline, there is research to suggest that consuming 10 to 14 grams of soluble fiber a day may help reduce liver fat, reduce liver enzyme levels and increase insulin sensitivity. Is.

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