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Expensive Tariffs to Treat Celebrity Vocal Irregularities-Gus Samsudin

A celebrity named Ballena claimed that she was one of the patients of Noor Dzat Sejti, the grandfather of Gus Samsuddin in Blitter. Ballena has been vocal about the many rituals, irregularities, and high cost of treating Gus Samsuddin. He shared the experience on his personal Tiktok account @balena_27.

First, Gus Samsudin asks her to take a bath in the ashram’s bathroom. There Balena was asked to offer special poojas and bathe the mother.

“I told you to take a bath, my mother just told you to take a bath. If it’s good for me, that’s fine. My mother even asked me to read which verses were read In the Padepokan bathroom, everything was washed and I was told to wet my hair,” said Balena datecasteWednesday (3/8).

Then Balena’s mother was asked to do the vashikaran. The water of this bath is kept in the basin provided by the ashram. “After that, my mother was told to adjust her bath to her basin. She took the bath and stored it,” he said.

Not only this, Balena also admitted that she was asked to take a shower at 12 o’clock in the night for 7 consecutive days. Instead of recovering, Balena fell ill after taking a midnight bath.

Balena said, “Then when I went home I was asked to take a bath every 12 o’clock at night for 7 days until I left it. Eventually I got sick. Did I recover? I Just fixed myself.”

While being treated by Gus Samsudin, Balena admitted that he was asked if anything had happened to him. He told me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. Gus Samsudin also concluded that Balena was being shot by his ex.

He said, “He said I was being fed kantil ka phool, there was a man who liked me, my ex cheated on me. I told you before the treatment, from the very beginning I was asked if his complaint What was it?”

“I got back with my ex too. My late ex at the time even said that he wanted to meet Gus Samsudin, he didn’t accept it. Because he was told he was my witchcraft. If It was the ‘pill’, so he accepted it, because he still loves me. When it comes to witchcraft, he says, ‘I can’t beat the person I love’, ” He added.

Even though he followed the rituals ordered by Gus Samsudin at the time, he tried to think realistically, based on logic. This asymmetry arose when Balena was asked to take a bath, then her hair was tied.

“After taking a bath, I was told to tie my hair and pray, I was told to cover a white cloth and look for a hair tie. I said, I did not bring a hair tie, so the need to tie There’s no need for it, it’s fine. Look, it turns out that my nephew brought it. Then he closed it, finally he went to the room and came back again,” said Balena.

After returning, Gus Samsudin tied Ballena’s hair. He also massaged his hair while worshiping. Then suddenly Gus Samsudin found an iron-shaped object protruding from his hair.

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