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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Experts made this shocking revelation about the second wave of Corona

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New Delhi: The second wave of Kovid-19 has forced the whole of India to struggle. People in every corner of the country are either struggling with corona infection themselves or their families are victims of this epidemic. The trial process has made handling of cases even more difficult.

According to a report, health officials and experts are quite surprised by the results they are getting. Some RT-PCR tests do not show positive despite the presence of Kovid-19 infection, with the person becoming seriously ill even in cases that are not positive.

Retired government physician Dr. Sudhakar said, “There is a high chance of getting the wrong results in private collection of samples, as technicians cannot take the samples on time. It is always preferable to conduct tests at diagnostic centers.”

It has been reported that Covid-19 has three stages of infection. The first stage, known as viremia. Which lasts for 5 days in the initial pulmonary phase of 5–7 days and the pulmonary phase begins on the 12th day and can last for 2 to 3 weeks.

To get the best results in RT-PCR it is better to test at the viremia stage, where symptoms begin to appear. On this matter, ICMR certified researcher Dr. Kiran Madala said that it is better to have the test done after exposure to positive patients within 10 days (either on the fifth or 10th day).

The fact is that the virus is not detected in the viremia phase. This is a matter of concern, as people inadvertently start spreading the infection to each other. It seems that these people have contributed in a large number of cases that the country has seen today.


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