Exploring Progressive Metal with a critical message

Exploring Progressive Metal with a critical message

Australian progressive metal band Jamart released their latest single, “False Feeding,” which combines progressive metal with critical social commentary that challenges media narratives and societal indoctrination. The song was released on November 17, 2023, and is available in digital format.

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Release Details:

  • Artist: Jamart
  • Release Title: False Feeding
  • Label: Self-published
  • Release Date: November 17, 2023
  • Format: Digital
  • Genre: Progressive Metal
  • Country: Australia
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Exploring “False Feeding”:

“False Feeding” is the first in a series of singles that Jamart will release in the next six months. The song starts slowly and ends with a powerful ending, attracting fans of heavy progressive rock.

Vocalist and guitarist Ersh On gives an insight into the theme of the song. “False Feeding” addresses the deceptive narratives often propagated by the media, exploring the concept of “Hasbara,” which means actions are justified, whether fair or unfair. The song is a commentary on elite manipulation of information, with particular reference to historical conflicts that are misrepresented as wars rather than massacres.

The song and the accompanying t-shirt are meant to be provocative, specifically targeting Israel’s narrative and actions. The indoctrination of children with beliefs that undermine other religions and the efforts of some within the community to challenge and correct these teachings are discussed.

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This release is aimed at fans of bands like Opeth, Nirvana, and Devin Townsend.

Important training for Jamart:

  • Ersh On: Vocals, Guitars
  • Dutchie Holland: Bass
  • Nathan Catlin: Drums

Jamart’s “False Feeding” is a thought-provoking single, combining musical innovation with a bold exploration of challenging and controversial topics. Join Jamart on his journey through progressive and critical metal.