F1: United States GP, live

F1: United States GP, live

Fernando Alonso arrived at
F1 United States GP with a
Aston Martin full of improvements, hope to see a step forward with its new features. However, the Asturian fell to
Fernando He couldn’t prepare for the lap in the best way or warm up the tires like he should.
A queue formed in the pit lane when he came out for his final lap. He had too many cars in front of him and this left him with almost no time to warm up the tires as he should have, at the pace he should have. Debacle of the green team.

The Dutchman said his team-mate’s presence in the final corner of his first test bothered him.
Q3 in a classification where he finished 6th. The champion returned and met the Mexican, who was able to harass him: “Very well, very well done there. What the hell … is that in the last corner? “He shouted angrily on the radio.
Max Verstappen resented the position of
PEREZ or the fact that the team did not leave more space between the two cars on the track.

– SQ1: 12 minutes duration. 20 drivers will find time. The first 15 will advance to the round.
It is mandatory to use hard tires.

– SQ2: 10 minutes. The top 10 will advance to the next round.
It is mandatory to use medium tires.

– SQ3: 8 minutes. The top 10 will compete for pole position for the next sprint race on the same Saturday.
soft tire.

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Today is an independent day, because no matter what happens, the starting order of Sunday’s race will not change with respect to the positions obtained in Friday’s qualifying.

The ‘shootout’ classification will be shorter, also for SQ1, SQ2 and SQ3, and will only serve to establish the starting order for Saturday’s sprint race. Saturday’s sprint race will award 8 points to 1st, 7 to 2nd and so on until 8th, who gets 1 point.

5,513 kilometers long distributed between
20 curvesWHERE
11 left y
9 on the right.

Carlos Sainz start 4th in the race
F1 United States GP on Sunday after a classification where his teammate
Charles Leclerc more motivated. The Spaniard achieved the pole in
Austin 2022 but he could not repeat it a year later after suffering something more than the last sector of the American track.

“It was not a bad qualifying. I had some difficulties in the last sector, so tomorrow I will try to improve there. The rest of the lap was very good and we seem to be in good shape,” he commented

The Asturian was 17th in qualifying, penalized by traffic, a final round of preparation that was not very good due to lack of time, and was unable to find the appropriate changes to increase his new package of improvements. progress because of the problems he had with
Free 1.

“It wasn’t an ideal qualifying for us to have two cars out there
Q1. There was a lot of traffic on the track and we finished our exit lap with about a second to spare before the checkered flag. We started very close to the cars in front. I don’t think it helped,” he said.

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Red Bull – 657 points

Mercedes – 326 points

Ferrari – 298 points

Aston Martin – 230 points

McLaren – 219 points

Alpine – 90 points

Williams – 23 points

Alfa Romeo – 16 points

Haas – 12 points

AlphaTauri – 5 points

Max Verstappen – 433 points

Sergio Perez – 224 points

Lewis Hamilton – 194 points

4. Fernando Alonso – 183 points

5. Carlos Sainz – 153 points

Charles Leclerc – 145 points

Lando Norris – 136 points

George Russell – 132 points

Oscar Piastri – 83 points

Lance Walk – 47 points

Pierre Gasly – 46 points

Esteban Ocon – 44 points

Alex Albon – 23 points

Valtteri Bottas – 10 points

Nico Hulkenberg – 9 points

Zhou Guanyu – 6 points

Yuki Tsunoda – 3 points

Kevin Magnussen – 3 points

Liam Lawson – 2 points

Daniel Ricciardo – 0 points

Logan Sargent – 0 points

Nyck De Vries – 0 points

Leclerc chaos reigns in the classification
Verstappen He will start the 6th race this Sunday after failing at his last turn in a thrilling battle, with
Sainz 4th and
Alonso17th, on bad Friday for
Aston Martin. The Dutchman has an attempt to put things back in their place. He went all out, but there, the champion who never made a mistake, failed. He set the best time, but that lap was annulled because he exceeded the track limits.

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Leclerc, pole in Austin in a crazy final qualifying with a surprise for Verstappen

5 Grand Prizes on
Formula 1 to reach the end of
2023 time and, despite the fact that the champion of
World Cup of drivers and on
Builders more than determined, with
Verstappen y
Red Bull As the kings of the ‘Great Circus’, there are still exciting battles behind them for these last races of the year. The classification of
F1 World Cup before the
United States GP looks like an exciting fight for second place, but also for fourth and fifth, with drivers like
‘Checo’ Pérez,
Leclerc and an inspired
Norris fighting for a position.

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