Fabian Cubaro’s decision that would have enraged Nicole Newman

Obviously, the former football player’s resolve will have a huge impact on his ex-wife and mother of their three daughters.

Although they have been separated for a long time, Nicole Newman and Fabian Cubaro They have no peace. now he already famous showdown Between the model and the former football player, who has three daughters in common, added a new chapter.

The truth is that although the two were already a couple, she was with TC Runner. manual urseraAnd that with Micaela Visiconte, with whom he already has Luca, who was born a few months ago, media battles between the model and the former football player are still common.

Today, Friday, at Intruders (US, Monday through Friday at 1:30 p.m.), he revealed a decision the athlete would have made. it was love penonoA panelist from the program, led by Florencia de la Ve, who disclosed the details of the alleged intern.

Fabian Cubaro.  TV capture.

Fabian Cubaro. TV capture.

According to the journalist, apparently “Beans” would not have signed a permit so that his ex-wife could take their three daughters out of the country: Siena, Allegra and Indiana,

“This decision by Fabian Cubaro was not even consulted by his lawyer, Cesar Caroza. Cubero decides to revoke Nicole’s permission to take her daughters out of the countryPenonori said.

and continued: “He went to immigration to cancel it. This has happened before… I don’t know if anything happened or he planned the trip. She’s going to travel to Europe, but I don’t know if she’s with the girls. Obviously this is a sign of displeasure, I consulted Fabian’s lawyer and he did not listen.”

Nicole Newman and her current partner, Manu Ursera.  Instagram.

Nicole Newman and her current partner, Manu Ursera. Instagram.

,According to Nicole, Micah Visiconte doesn’t help at all, Manu is in favor of calming everything down. Micah throws gasoline on the fire”, said Guido Zafora, for his part, invited to cycle America.

Visconte’s controversial message

‘Bean’ Cubaro is happily in a relationship with Micah Visconte. A few months ago, they had their first child: Luca.

the former War (The Nine) has a very close relationship with Nikita’s daughters. In fact, they tend to be very close on social networks.

History of controversy.  Instagram.

History of controversy. Instagram.

Obviously, this wouldn’t sit well with the former model, especially after what happened a few weeks ago. It is that while he was on vacation in San Martín de los Andes, he received strong criticism from Visconte for a video he shared on his network.

The former driver uploaded a series of stories to Instagram, where he has nearly two million followers. he showed them his daughter Sienna is walking through the snowTo such an extent that he fell off a cliff.

Meanwhile, the model can be heard saying: “Where were you, Siene? Be careful!!!!”. Don’t fall, please”.

Micaela Vicconte attacked Nicole Newman in the network.

Micaela Vicconte attacked Nicole Newman in the network.

This attitude fueled Micah Visconte’s anger. Quickly, he attacked the little girl’s mother via the network, though without naming her.

“What seems strange to you is the exact opposite. Instead of filming him, help him cross the risky spot. Stop before treatment. It falls right there and can happen to adults. We take care of minors. This is bad. Be aware,” wrote Cubero’s girlfriend in late July.


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