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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Facebook leaks: Billions of users’ personal details are being distributed for free

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There are reports that a large number of Facebook users are getting data leaks (Facebook data leaks). According to the report, the personal information of 533 million (53.3 crore) Facebook users has been leaked online, which has been posted for free on hacking forums. Details of the leak include username, gender, occupation, marital and relationship status, workplace and date of joining. The affected users came from hundreds of countries, including India.

Earlier, the data was also leaked
This database was first leaked in 2019. Initially it was sold at হ 20 per search on the instant messaging platform Telegram. Facebook then said the company had fixed the problem. However, in June 2020 and again in January 2021, the database was leaked again. The lawsuit was first filed by Elon Gaul, co-founder and chief technical officer of the cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock. Now Gall has again shared information from the leaked database.

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How many users from where
According to the latest leaked database, there are 5.5 million users from Afghanistan, 1.2 million from Australia, 3.6 million from Bangladesh, 6 million from Brazil and 1.1 million from India, all of which are listed for free in several hacking forums. If Gayle can be trusted, if someone has a Facebook account, most likely his details have been leaked.

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MobiQuick data was leaked recently
Explain that this is the second case of data leak in India in the last 10 days. Earlier, data of 100 million users of popular mobile payment and digital wallet company MobiQuick was leaked. MobiQuick, however, denied the leak, saying it had not yet found any evidence.


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