Fact Check: US claims to have sent monkeypox virus to Asia through birds? Fact Check

The spread of monkeypox or monkeypox is increasingly disturbing the world community, including the people of Indonesia.

The number of negative narratives concerning the transmission of monkeypox inevitably adds to the panic, to the point of cutting off various unfounded opinions.

As recently, it was uploaded saying that the United States of America (US) attempted to spread monkeypox virus or monkeypox in the Asian region by using birds as middlemen.

The post states that the monkeypox virus was spread by birds to humans through feces and body fluids.

Not only this, the uploader of the content also asked the public to be careful while watching birds that cannot fly or walk.

The community concerned has already informed you, please take note. remember! The United States and Western countries are using birds to carry the monkeypox virus to spread to the Asian region!


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