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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – One of the expert advisors to the National Police Chief, Prof. Harmavan Sulistyo discussed the figure of Fahmi Almsiah, an expert advisor to the national police chief, who is also a friend of the inactive former head of the Propam Division, Inspector General Ferdi Sambo. , when he was a resource person on the Democracy Note program on TV One.

Fahmi Almasyah is said to have been involved in the murder of Ferdi Sambo’s assistant Brigadier J, creating a scenario as to whether Brigadier J was killed by a shootout between fellow aide Ferdi Sambo.

In the eyes of Hermaván Sulisto, Fahmi Alamasya is a controversial figure. “He is an expert advisor not an expert, because there is no track record,” said Hermaván Sulisto.

He said, “His name is Fahmi Alamsiah, it is his friend Ferdi Sambo. A friend who is with him every day.”

Harmawan Sulistyo, who also heads the Bhayangkara University Center for National Security Studies, said that after the assassination of Brigadier J, Ferdi Sambo called Fahmi Almsiah.

Fahmi Almasiah was said to be the first to be approached by Ferdi Sambo, after Brigadier J was hit from behind at his official residence on July 8, 2022.

Together with his best friend, Ferdi Sambo, he devised a scenario to hide his guilt of killing Brigadier J.

“So when the shows ended this Friday, Sambo called his best friend, the two of them compiled an explanation for the public house,” said Hermaván Sulistyo.

Hermaven Sulisto said that Ferdi Sambo and Fahmi devised a number of scenarios about Brigadier J’s death, ranging from shootings to sexual assault.

“Because he claimed to be a consultant journalist, a shooting scenario was created, then this and that explained. Many of the scenarios were then broadcast in the public domain,” Hermaván Sulisto said.

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