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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Fakhar Zaman’s statement on South African captain Temba on run-out controversy, know what?

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new Delhi: In the second ODI between Pakistan and South Africa in Johannesburg, Pakistan’s opener Fakhar Zaman made a ruckus by playing an innings of 193 runs. However, the way he was run out in the last over, he gained worldwide buzz. Many people described it as being against the rules of the ICC, while many criticized it fiercely. Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar has opposed this run out. He said that Pakistan should have got 5 extra runs for this.

Although Fakhar himself said on this controversy, it was my fault. I was looking at Rauf at the other end. I felt that he would start a little late from his crease. Fakhar said, the match referee should have decided it. But I don’t think it’s DeCock’s fault. ‘

In this case, the statement of South African captain Temba Bavuma has now come out. Tenba said, when things are not according to you, you try to do them on your side. Such methods try to devise, which will change the stance of the match. This is what Quenton DeCock did. I don’t think they have broken any rules. This was a great cricket scene.

It may be that many people criticize it. Some may even accuse him of disrespecting the spirit of the game, but for us this (Fakhar) was a very important wicket. Zaman was our close target. Yes, it was a clever run-out from Deacock.

According to International Cricket Council (ICC) Rule 41.5 of ‘Fake Fielding’, for any fielder to deliberately, by his own words or by action, distract a batsman’s attention, mislead or obstruct the attention of the striker after playing the ball. Is wrong to do. Rule 41.5.2 states that the umpire should decide whether to mislead, distract attention or cause obstruction.


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