Fans crowned Taylor Swift the queen of pop, leaving Madonna in Grupo Milenio


Madonna, throughout the decade, has consolidated her position as the Queen of Pop. His impact on music and popular culture is undeniable, and his reign spanned many years, establishing a legacy that few artists can match.

However, Taylor Swift’s followers started an online discussion after proclaiming a new “Queen of Pop,” the ‘Blank Space’ singer was chosen by the Swifties. Did they steal Madonna’s crown?

Taylor Swift is the most-listened-to artist in the world on Spotify

Is Taylor Swift the new Queen of Pop?

A Swiftie wrote a tweet on social media that sparked controversy by comparing Taylor Swift to Madonna: “Taylor Swift is the queen of pop, and she’s not up for debate,” he wrote.

The message categorically states that Taylor Swift is the “queen of pop,” and there should be no debate about it. Swiftie argues that Swift surpassed Madonna in terms of influence, lyrical quality, and sales.

“Madonna is nowhere near Taylor when it comes to influence, lyrics and marketing,” I continued.

In addition, he stated that Madonna experienced a decrease in her influence after the album “True Blue,” while Taylor Swift, after a 16-year career, remains at its highest point, achieving something that no other artist in history has achieved.

“(Madonna) fell after True Blue and Taylor is at her peak after a 16-year career. No other artist in history can achieve this,” he concluded in his message.

This statement provoked various reactions and fueled controversy in an online discussion about who deserves the title “Queen of Pop.”

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Users react to the Taylor Swift vs Madonna debate

In the expected reaction of users when Taylor Swift debated Madonna, one Twitter user bluntly stated:

“Let’s be honest: Only her fans know Taylor Swift. Nobody else. A ‘normal’ person, not a fan, nobody knows a single song. Madonna, because of the years that he is around, because of the time he came out (1982). , they know him from people from 70 years old to people in their twenties.

This comment shows a view that emphasizes the difference in the breadth of identification between the two artists.

On the other hand, other users shared different opinions. One notes the immobility of certain aspects of pop culture by saying:

“In the coming days you will understand that some things in pop culture are immovable, no matter what records are broken or when a change makes all the sense in the world, if not even Beyoncé gets with that title from Madonna, she’s not going. to take it.” Taylor Swift”.

Here, it is suggested that some aspects of pop culture are fundamental and immutable, and that the title of “Queen of Pop” remains firmly held by Madonna.

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Meanwhile, another opinion emphasizes the uniqueness of each artist and defends the importance of recognizing their individuality:

“They’re different artists, there’s no one like Madonna, nothing’s going to happen. She changed female pop. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Taylor being down to lift Madonna up, and it’s no need. Like nobody else. Madonna, no Taylor Swift, even if it hurts.”

This statement emphasizes the idea that each artist has their own unique place and contribution in the history of pop music, and that comparing them in a derogatory way is neither necessary nor fair.

In this ongoing debate, opinions vary, reflecting the diversity of views and appreciations in the wider world of pop music.

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