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Friday, March 5, 2021

Farmer Protest: Mia Khalifa tweeted, Sunny Leone started trending, funny mimes viral

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Mumbai. Foreign stars have also given their consent by tweeting about the farmers’ agitation to be held against the ongoing 3 agricultural laws in India. Greta Thunberg and Mia Khalifa also joined the race after taking the stand of farmers through American pop star Rihanna. There was a sensation on social media since Mia Khalifa’s tweet. Also, Sunny Leone started trending more than Mia on Twitter.

In view of the support of adult actress Mia Khalifa, who lives abroad on the farmers movement, the fans are questioning Sunny Leone as to why she is not making any statement on this issue even while living in India. Farmer movement has been going on in India for a long time regarding the new agricultural bill. Farmers from Haryana, Punjab and different parts of the country are opposing the bill.

Sunny Leone is trending fiercely on Twitter. Along with this, a lot of trolls are also being done through people. Let me tell you, both Mia Khalifa and Sunny Leone are former porn stars. This is the reason why Sunny Leone has started trending as soon as Mia’s tweet. Along with this, the mimes associated with them are also being shared on social media.

People shocked

At the same time, people have been surprised by the trend of Mia Khalifa and Sunny Leone amidst the war on social media about the peasant movement.

Silent silence despite being in India

While trolling Sunny Leone, people say that the actress works in Hindi films. She is also from Punjab. In such a situation, his silence on the peasant movement is not digesting anything.

Let me tell you that Mia Khalifa wrote supporting the farmers by tweeting, “Paid actors,” huh? Quite the casting director, hope to not forget these during the award. I am with the farmers .. I stand with the farmers. #FarmersProtest


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