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Fat banks, new technology in health and beauty

MIAMI.- In these times, obesity, excess fat and even extra curves are linked to health problems, physical neglect that can lead to despair and low self-esteem for those who know their The extra kilos immediately bring their problems to the fore. social development.

For this reason, the renowned doctor of lipo, Dr. César Velilla of Evolution MD, who has been studying body fat for more than 25 years of his career, to provide aesthetic solutions to the thousands of patients who are treated in his office Has been done , has revealed one of its most revolutionary and FDA-approved theories regarding extra pounds: the redistribution of fat in our bodies to avoid foreign bodies and what’s left in special banks to anticipate more future use. Save him too.

And it is that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez are stars who are idealized not only for their professional activities but also for their voluptuous curves which are strategically placed in certain parts of their anatomy in an almost unrealistic way Which attract the most among the event. And the event was as if a piece of clothing, making the public think it was following them. How do they do it? Well, according to Dr. Velila’s study the solution is basic and simple: redistribute your own fat.

For this and in a way which is almost unknown and exclusive to the general public, has been created to accumulate own fat banks which not only helps us physically but also in matters of health.

“The fat banks work in a similar way to the umbilical cord banks that are used to store fat and this is something very new because we have discovered that the fat contains stem cells which could help solve a degenerative disease.” are and can be regenerated from stem cells from fat ”, this is how the experts explain to us.

And it is that body fat has no function contrary to what people may think, quite the opposite… It also helps elderly people and that’s why Dr. Lipo continues with the necessary warnings before these procedures to ensure optimal health. The conditions should be there and the ideal professional behind them “There is no difference between blood or sperm banks, fat is extracted from the patient as in previous cases through a minimally invasive procedure like mini liposuction and that fat is stored in the banks must be stored in a facility that they have a license and adequate temperature and control as this is seen outside the United States where this type of storage is not done with adequate hygiene and if the fat is re-injected into the patient So serious infection can happen”, closes the doctor.

But why has excess fat become so monstrous in modern times? What in our own fat has been found in today’s studies to show these benefits? Here is Dr. Velila’s answer: “Fat is divided into yellow adipocytes and brown adipocytes. The latter are the ones with the greatest stem cell potential, but they are very difficult to isolate because they are inside the body. Yellow adipocytes store more than fat. But, in the case of blood or sperm banks, can my body use fat from another person that it has deposited in these banks? According to Dr. Lipo the answer to this question is an emphatic no. :

“Fat cannot be donated. It has to be our own fat, but fat banks offer the possibility for patients who undergo liposuction to be removed months later for facials, vaginal rejuvenation or for fillers in the breasts or buttocks. Reuse fat. It is only injected into bodily areas to beautify”, continuing his explanation based on his professional experience: “Body fat is good because its distribution defines that a Whether a woman is aesthetically sexy or not. Wide hips and a small waist are the physically accepted and adopted physical prototypes. It is defined by body fat. Breasts are given their shape and volume by fat. By distributing fat Buttocks form their shape. That with respect to aesthetics. From a functional point of view, cholesterol cells are stored in fat in the body, which is very important in hormone production. People need adipose tissue to produce their hormones ”

It is for this and many other reasons that the Director of Evolution MD is considered a world renown on the subject of body fat redistribution, being a lecturer and recognized as an authority on the matter at the world’s most prestigious universities Received. Hence the qualification that garners praise from colleagues and patients: “My name of Dr. Lipo is patented and registered in the United States of America based on the number of liposuctions I have registered and the extensive experience I have in handling liposuction.” and fat manipulation to improve the aesthetic part of the face, breasts, defines the men’s body for chest, arms, buttocks and the last thing that is being done is in the legs which they have to have a good not properly formed or defined. Another newer technique is vaginal rejuvenation in which fat is used to fill out the labia majora and restore the youthful appearance of a fuller vagina.”

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