FC Barcelona | Barca and Nike clash over replica shirts

 FC Barcelona |  Barca and Nike clash over replica shirts

Sales of replica football shirts have hit a new high The dispute between FC Barcelona and sports brand Nike. union doesn’t charge anything For the marketing of this type of T-shirt by a Catalan company in charge of distribution, with the consent of Nike and a share of the income.

The relationship Nothing good has been going on between Barca and Nike for a long time There is even speculation about a change in sponsorship. A new controversy has arisen Sale of replicas of Barça shirts For which the club does not earn anything.

According to Cadena Ser, the company selling these T-shirts is Prendas Deportivas Rogers SL. This company also sells replica T-shirts. real madrid or psg, and invoices between 17 and 23 million euros. According to a report from Barça, Nike charges a fee of around two million.

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The reason why FC Barcelona does not charge for these apparels A document signed in 2018, It vetoes the royalties that Barça would charge for certain products, such as sports or streetwear. Nike considers replicas to be in that group.

These are replica FC Barcelona game jerseys, but instead of the Nike logo they have “BARça” written on them. These are the t-shirts that are commonly sold in kiosks and informal stores. However, its sales This is completely legal.

Relationship between Barça and Nike

Barça filed a lawsuit for this situation, however it was put on hold due to Laporta’s contractual renegotiations. The base document is from 2006, with many additions. The last time, in 2018, specified that Barça could not negotiate with other brands.

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Currently, Nike pays Barcelona a fixed sum of 24 million as royalties and 42 million for sponsorship. There were 52 before Covid-19, and the agreement anticipated they would return to that number if Barça won 3 champions before 2026 With minimum men (women have already won in 2023).

According to Laporta, there are other brands on the market They offer twice as much as Nike, And if the company doesn’t make an effort, this marriage may end.


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