February 5, 2024 – Church in Aragon

February 5, 2024 - Church in Aragon

1.- Introductory prayer.

Lord, I come to you today because I need to at least touch “the hem of your cloak.” More than that, I need you to touch me from within and heal my pride, my arrogance, my vanity, my desire for adequacy. If I think only about myself, I work for myself, I worry only about myself, I live for myself, I no longer live the way you want me to live. And I want to “live with you”. When you are inside me I get to experience the greatness and beauty of this life. The more I feel immersed in you, the more I need to go out and share my faith with my brothers.

2.- Relaxing reading of the Gospel Mark 6, 53-56

At that time, when Jesus and his disciples finished their journey, they came to the shore at Gennesaret and stood on the wharf. As soon as they landed, they immediately recognized him, they traveled across the area and began bringing the sick on stretchers to where they had heard he was. And wherever he entered cities, towns, or villages, they placed the sick in the crossroads, and asked him to touch even the hem of his garment; And all those who touched it were saved.

3.- What does the Biblical text say?

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Meditation and contemplation.

Jesus is always seen surrounded by people in public life. Jesus loved to be “among the people.” He knows how to eat with people the hard bread of their sufferings and, when necessary, the soft bread of their joys. That’s why people follow him, because he’s “one of them.” People want to be with Jesus, want to hear Jesus, want to “touch Jesus.” He is a close, simple, happy God, the friend of life. With Jesus you learn to live. One thing is clear: his sensitivity towards those who suffer. There are visceral threads in Jesus that resonate with the poor and those going through hard times. He cannot see suffering without compassion, without coming close to healing the wounds of sin. How far this real and concrete life that we live is from those beautiful dreams that God the Father created this world!…And Jesus thinks it is wonderful to dedicate His life to rebuilding us: so damaged, so Wounded, so blurred, so ruined

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It is true that we cannot work physical miracles, but we can work moral miracles: we can give a word of encouragement to those who have lost their hope; A word of hope for those affected by the storm. The storm will pass and a beautiful rainbow of colors will shine.

Pope’s word

“The word that will help us enter into the mystery of Christ is closeness. One man sinned and one man saved us. It is God who is near! Close to us, to our history. From the first moment, when He chose our father Abraham, He walked with His people. And this is also seen with Jesus who works as an artisan, a worker.

For me, the image that comes to mind is that of a hospital nurse: she heals wounds one by one, but with her own hands. God joins in, He joins in our sufferings, He draws near to our wounds and heals them with His hands, and in order to lay hands He became a man. This is the personal work of Jesus. One man came to bring sin, one man came to heal it. Proximity. God does not save us merely by a command or law; He saves us with tenderness, with affection, he saves us with his life given for us.” (cf. Homily of SS Francisco, 22 October 2013, in Santa Marta).

4.- What does this text that I just contemplated say to me today?

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(I remain silent)

5.-Objective: I will put my heart in my hands and thus, on this day, I will welcome people with the same tenderness that Jesus did.

6.- God has spoken to me through his word. And now I answer him with my prayer.

Lord Jesus, I thank you because through your closeness you have brought us closer to the Father; Because by your affection you have brought us closer to the infinite tenderness of His love. If you had not incarnated, what idea would we have about God now? Without you, how far God is from us! With you we feel very close; So close that we can even touch it. Thank my God!


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