February's Steam Next Fest has begun. These are our 12 PC game recommendations that already have a demo – PC

 February's Steam Next Fest has begun.  These are our 12 PC game recommendations that already have a demo - PC

Valve’s platform is filled with test versions, available from February 5 to 12

Steam has won the hearts of PC users with a platform full of features, frequent offer periods and initiatives that give us the chance to discover gems that are yet to come. This last phrase particularly matches his appreciation Steam Next Fest A demo festival that allows players for a limited time Try hundreds of titles at zero cost, And this, in addition to being entertaining for the community, is also an incentive for indie developers who want to find themselves among all the AAA bombardment.

In this way, Steam Next Fest in February 2024 arrives with a bunch of demos covered all kinds of styles, Do you want a traditional action RPG experience in a medieval context? Here you will get it easily. Do you like something crazy like a fast-paced roguelike where you can cheat at poker? No problem, there is a developer studio that has created something similar. In short, the Valve event allows us to entertain ourselves dozens of diverse experiences,

And, since it is a festival full of tests to enjoy, at 3DJuegos we have decided to prepare a selection Some of the best offers from Steam Next Fest, If you find demos that attract more players’ attention, share it in the comment box!


establishing itself in the classic style of Platforming and Puzzles This 2.5D experience developed by Getera Studio revolutionizes the formula by emphasizing rhythm and music (hip hop, drill, R&B and electronic music). Its story also takes us to a strange, almost destroyed world in which the protagonist, delivery man Nicht, wants to team up with the Discordants to overthrow the totalitarian system of Dom.

  • Release date: soon.
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We can define the LocalThunk project simply as a poker game. But, to make this complex more dynamic, the developers have chosen to include Roguelike aspects and deck management mechanics, And the wave of ideas doesn’t end there, as Balatro allows players to take illegal poker hands, find wild cards that completely change the game, activate devastating combos and much more.

  • Release date: 20 February 2024.

Sun son

Being a game published by Devolver Digital, we have good reason to follow the development of this title closely. Because, instead of presenting the typical tactical shooter, René Rother leads by putting the player forward control the bullet in mid flight, In fact, we had the opportunity to try it and, as we told you in our first impressions of Children of the Sun, there is no doubt that we are facing a real bombshell.

  • Release date: to be confirmed.

terrible dawn

Survival mechanics and hundreds of corpses. From this alone, you can imagine where Dread Dawn, a title developed by Cloop Studios, is going. In an open world full of infected people, the player must survive in an isolated city Along with classmates and other survivors, they are equally desperate to live another day.

  • Release date: soon.


Whether you want to play alone in an epic dragon title or surround yourself with your closest companions, DungeonsBorn lets you play however you want. You search for treasures, explore dark dungeons and fight monsters Terrible in a fantasy setting. But don’t think that the only dangers in this world are developed by the Mithril Interactive team, as its PvPvE nature can give you some problems as well.

  • Release date: soon.
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Full skate

Are you good at skateboarding? You’re better off, because in Hellskate You can fight only with the help of your skateboard, Create amazing combos, exert all your power and destroy indescribable monsters with devastating attacks. If you die, you just have to upgrade your equipment and start over.

  • Release date: 15 February 2024.


Odd Meter, in collaboration with 11 Bit Studios, takes players through a strange third-person adventure in a convent set in an alternate Russia at the end of the 19th century. Here, the hero will live a journey of self-discovery, as well as lead Religious viewpoints that conflict with reality Will inspire him to join Satan himself.

  • Release date: First quarter of 2024.

Kameru: a frog refuge

A Adorable and cool management experience Where frogs are placed as the protagonists of the experience. Take care of a sanctuary to restore the biodiversity of the Kameru wetlands, play all kinds of mini-games, decorate the natural habitat and enjoy a relaxing farm simulator.

  • Release date: 2024.

Never Grave: The Witch and the Curse

You may have heard about this game in the last few days, as we have been talking about the next project from the developers of Palworld. With an aesthetic that has caught the attention of Hollow Knight fans, but with mechanics very different from Team Cherry’s adventure, here we are promised a Addictive metroidvania and roguelite experience, If you want to know more about this title, we recommend reading our first impressions of Never Grave: The Witch and the Curse.

  • Release date: First quarter of 2024.
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After surviving a ritual in which you are nearly sacrificed, you discover an ancient mask that changes your perspective on the world forever. And now, you have only one goal in mind: Surviving in an extremely hostile area, Apart from this, the special thing about SoulMask is that its demo offers about 40 hours of gameplay.

  • Release date: 2024.

Sword of Convallaria

If you’re a fan of tactical RPG experiences like Fire Emblem, here’s a new title to add to your library as soon as it becomes available. Because, as is the case with other games of this genre, Sword of Convallaria promises Revive the classic mechanics of the genre Presenting an exciting story full of memorable characters.

  • Release date: 2024.

Kenzera’s Stories: Expand

it’s beautiful metroidvania slice experience Transports players to the mythical and treacherous land of Kenjera. Jump between platforms, explore the map, fight dozens of enemies and master the magician dance to claim your father’s soul.

  • Release date: 23 April 2024.


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