Feeling the best blank is being abused by the district, the village government in Manda district threatens not to hold STQ next year

BUALBUAL.com – The 40th Musabaka Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) event at the Riau Province level in Rokan Hilir (Rohil) Regency, officially concluded on Friday night, July 29, 2022.

District and city caravans won the best award. However, from the 40th MTQ event at the Riau province level, again the downstream Indragiri district (inhill) always gets unsatisfactory results.

Village head (Kade) Bente Suhaimi was very sad to see that the provincial level MTQ results for Inhill district never changed from year to year

“I am sad that there is no progress in the MTQ results at the district level, for how many years the results have always been like this, if the first place finisher from the bottom will definitely not be the second winner from the bottom which is our MTQ in Riau is the result of,” Suhaimi explained on 31/07/22

The performance of the parties concerned is certainly a question for the people of downstream Indragiri as to why the MTQ results at the provincial level have never been an achievement they can be proud of.

Suhaimi said, “It is useless for us to have a good religious program in this district, if the result is always like this, is it the wrong program or the wrong organiser?”

Suhaimi also questioned the district committee that when the provincial MTQ was in Rohil, why only the best kori and the first position holder at the district level was listed as a reserve.

“I don’t understand what was in the mind of the committee, what was the problem because of which the first place winners were also registered as reserves, they need to be responsible and told to the community,” he said.

We teach kori and koriya through STQ at village level at sub-district level in our village till we become best at district level and thank god we always get best results, but the strange thing is that it is not shown at the provincial level. ,

“I think this kind of problem has happened twice with our kids, in 2017 it was like being the best and not including the name. It will be the same in 2022, why are our kids always such stepchildren”

If the district cannot explain this problem, then we would not want to carry out STQ activities on behalf of the village government, the result is that children are being harassed by a handful of people at the district level.

“I take this problem to the district level and even to the provinces strongly to get an answer on their behalf.” suhaimi said

Ani said that the family of Kori Khairul Fata told that the incident happened when Khairul Fata wanted to re-register seeing that his name was not there, when they checked again, they recorded a backup Qari and it Inhill Regency had data.

“We were not informed from the beginning, my sister was only sent to Rohil and we are also sure that we will attend as our sister Khairul Fata won the first position at the district level. GO”


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