Female Genital Mutilation: The Horrible Reality of Immigrant Women in Europe

female genital mutilation.

Unfortunately, control over women’s bodies and female happiness In some misogynistic societies, where female happiness is not considered necessary for procreation, this has been affirmed in various ways. Two of these problems are particularly urgent.

First of all it is important to explain to those women 30 countries, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, that genital mutilation is not the “right thing to do”, but a violation of their rights. Many elderly African women who have suffered amputations and live in Italy often speak Removal of the clitoris as a measure to prevent dangerously promiscuous behavior In girls, this is considered a form of “protection”. These women should realize that they are victims of cultural conditioning and should not encourage younger women to follow the same destiny.

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Female Genital Mutilation: An Endless Horror

The second serious problem is that of prevention Female genital mutilation is practiced on immigrants, even in European countries to which they have migrated, or who send their daughters to their native countries merely to subject them to the ritual. However, by the 1950s, even in Europe, Removal of the clitoris was practiced in psychiatric hospitals as one of the possible “cures”. For the sake of normal hormonal stimulation of girls, for a long time it was preferred not to interfere with the “traditions” of immigrants. However, sensitivities have changed, and associations and initiatives have been formed that are seeking to end the practice entirely around the world.

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One of these initiatives in Italy is named “Working Youth” and actively engages groups of young people with migrant backgrounds, including both men and women. Led by Amref Health Africa Italy in collaboration with CoNNGI, Le Réseau and Bicocca University of Milan, the project seeks to empower young people to change attitudes towards female genital mutilation. Project coordinator, Laura Gentile, explains that the young participants, aged between 18 and 30, are aware of the problem and motivated to eradicate it. The initiative also includes training of health professionals and teachers Raising awareness in their communities under the leadership of these youth.

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Although the story of genital mutilation has deep historical roots, there is hope that change is happening, and awareness and health promotion are necessary to offer options and a different future for women. The project is as It aims to build a bridge between generations and cultures Preserving positive values ​​while promoting change.


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