Fenalco regrets that President Petro’s meeting with the union council has been postponed


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Aug 24, 2023 12:49 p.m. M

“We note with great concern the cancellation, or rather the postponement, of the meeting we wanted to have with President Gustavo Petro and the 32 unions of the National Trade Council,” said Jaime Alberto Cabal, president of Fenalco, once known that the meeting would not take place this Thursday.

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For the union leader, not holding the meeting is “a missed opportunity”. According to him, for two weeks the representatives of the country’s different production sectors have been preparing the aspects to be discussed with the head of state, who since August 7 last year has invited different sectors of the country to consolidate a national agreement.

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These aspects are associated with concerns and problems that impede the proper development of the economy and business activity.

One of them is the insecurity that has increased in cities, on highways and in the countryside in recent months, said the President of Fenalco.

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Likewise, he drew attention to the expectation to eventually deal with the importance of a shock plan and an economic reactivation and to hear President Petro on his proposals for the national agreement.

“Many colleagues from the National Trade Union Council came from different parts of the country, many canceled their agendas and of course we are concerned that the meeting cannot take place next Tuesday as scheduled,” stressed the Fenalco President.

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