Fenawi assured that it will not increase with the increase in price of ACPM

Fenawi assured that it will not increase with the increase in price of ACPM

On 7 February, the Federation of Freight Transport Entrepreneurs (Fedetranscarga) issued a warning in which they suggested that increasing the price of ACPM nationally was going to increase the average price of a bucket of eggs by up to £1000. 16,000 pesos.

“Increasing ACPM costs is increasing the price of products in the basic family basket,” the union warned in a post on the X social network.

However, this information was refuted by Gonzalo Moreno, President of the National Federation of Poultry Farmers of Colombia (FENVI), who assured that the price of ACPM does not have a major impact on the final price of the egg basket.

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“This information is not true. In the cost structure of egg production, transportation represents less than 5% of the entire chain,” said the union leader in the same social network.

When Moreno’s response spread, FedeTranscarga’s tweet was deleted shortly afterward.

As the president of Fenawi later said on the ‘Caracol Radio’ station, 80% of poultry production (eggs and chickens) depends on the prices of animal feed such as corn and soy, as well as their genetics.

“In the entire logistics chain, from balancing food to delivering it to consumers, transportation accounts for 5%. “Even if there is an increase in ACPM, according to our calculations and in the worst case scenario, there is an increase of 12 pesos per egg and a maximum of $30 in some places in the country,” he explained to the station.

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