FENTANYL UNITED STATES CHINA MEXICO FIGHT PRECURSORS: Fight against fentanyl, beyond differences, it’s a human issue: AMLO | National

 FENTANYL UNITED STATES CHINA MEXICO FIGHT PRECURSORS: Fight against fentanyl, beyond differences, it's a human issue: AMLO |  National |  WRadio Mexico

Saying that greater communication between the countries is sought, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that in the bilateral meeting with his counterpart from the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, the coincidences were found that in fighting fentanyl trafficking is more than politics or ideology. differences.

In the morning from the National Palace, the President explained that within the framework of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) HE The Chinese leader acknowledged that his country is suffering from a crisis due to opium consumption.

“It is agreed that it is above because it is a humanitarian issue, in the political or ideological differences that we may have, it is about the protection of life, it is a matter of human rights and I celebrate that he brought opium, evil .because of opium and who knew we had to work together to prevent the chemicals from reaching them.

The chemicals, he said, are the medicine that has been created fentanyl and it hurts a lot of people, especially young people in the United States. López Obrador mentioned that The Chinese president has accepted the lack of control over the sale of fentanyl or its precursors.

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“They continue that they have control of their ports, however, not fentanyl, but chemical precursors, they have been seized in Mexico, from China and we have that information, and they help and continue to support.”

He made sure of that The pioneers are not only from China to Mexico but also from Canada and emphasized that there are also agreements between the president of the United States, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping with the goal of having more communication in the fight against harmful chemicals.

“Their bilateral was on Thursday, ours was on Friday morning and we are trying to communicate more and confront this whole gang dedicated to selling these drugs, to importing these chemicals and we have taken action and he agreed. we work together, we do it, now, we work together, this is something that the Secretary of the Navy for port control and also the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic have seen.

The Head of the Federal Executive announced that For the trafficking of chemicals mainly, even false invoices can be used showing that they are substances for medical purposes, so it is being investigated and we must continue to work together.

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