Fernando Beltran's 5 best goals

Fernando Beltran's 5 best goals

If anyone has gotten us addicted to great goals, it’s him Fernando Beltran, and midfielder red and white He came from scoring against Toluca on matchday 4 and did it with his signature home run: a shot from the edge of the area.

Significant improvement in shots ‘Nene’ This has a clear explanation since the midfielder red and white He has been doing specific work for a few years which has allowed him to optimize his hitting.

That’s why regarding the next match Guadalajara Against Atlético San Luis, we remember the 5 best goals beltran with shirt sacred herd,

red and white purpose

, Fernando Beltran He has scored 2 goals against Potosino. The first was on matchday 8 of the Clausura 2022, while the last was on matchday 2 of the previous tournament.

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Fernando Beltran’s 5 best goals:

1. Chivas vs Atlas / Matchday 12 of AP23

– it was the 9th minute Classic Tapatio When? Fernando Beltran He scored a brilliant goal against the city rival. This play was created by Who?, brizuela, Who left the ball in front of him and after exceptional control, he hit a powerful shot at the near post.

2. chivas vs pumas / CL22 Repechage

– The game was tied at 1 and the second half had just started. Shivaj He had the ball and was trying to break the tie, so after a tremendous combination on the right wing, ‘Nene‘ He outwitted several opponents and scored with his left foot before the university goalkeeper came out.

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3. chivas vs pumas / AP23 First Stage Quarterfinals

, beltran He punished Felino again in the last tournament’s Liguilla, as in the 43rd minute of the first half he received a ball on the edge of the area and with great determination, he fired it at the far post to give no chance to the Pumas goalkeeper. Hit hard. ,

4. chivas vs necaxa / Day 3 of Ep23

– The 24th minute of the first half was passing when ‘Nene‘ He scored a spectacular goal against Hydrokalidos, which was scored on the right wing and finished with a shot that escaped Nexa’s goalkeeper.

5. chivas vs toluca /3rd day of CL2020

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– first goal of beltran It was against the Devils in Liga MX and also had a higher level of difficulty. At the 20th minute of the first half, at the 20th minute cluster pass received ronaldo cisneros And without thinking, he fired a left-footed shot which was unstoppable for the visiting goalkeeper.


6. chivas vs leon Day 8 of /CL2020

– He ‘Nene’ He has also scored header goals and the best of them was against Lyon in the Clausura 2020. It was at 72′ when beltran He entered the area and delivered the ball into the back of the goal.


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