FGR arrests former Segalmex administrative director

FGR arrests former Segalmex administrative director

The former administrative director of Segalmex, René Gavira Segrestegot, arrested elements of the Federal Ministerial Police of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) at his home in Mexico City.

According to the arrest report, the former officer was arrested this Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 11:02 a.m. in the streets of Mexico City. He was then transferred to the facilities of the Specialized Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office (FEMDO), where various procedures are carried out.

The former Director of Administration and Finance of Segalmex is accused of organized crime and money laundering in connection with the alleged use of 800 million pesos by Segalmex for the illegal purchase of securities on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), as well as for the diversion of 142 million, 440 thousand, and 883 pesos for the purchase of sugar that was not fully delivered.

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Sources of the FGRThey point out that Gavira Segreste was accompanied by his son and his lawyer at the time of his arrest.

It should be recalled that last November, a federal judge denied him relief against the decision of Northern Prison Control Judge Gustavo Aquiles Villaseñor, who declared the abandonment of the defense and ordered the appointment of an ex officio lawyer.

The former civil servant was released in his proceedings following a ruling by a reviewing judge in North Prison.

In March this year, Gavira Segreste did not appear at the hearing where the FGR He was accused of the crime of unauthorized use of powers and authority, as the arrest warrant issued against him for crimes of organized crime and operations with resources of illegal origin would be completed.

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