Fiama Hidalgo: “My mom didn’t want me to play football and she doesn’t miss a game today”

Fiama Hidalgo: "My mom didn't want me to play football and she doesn't miss a game today"

Fiama Hidalgo made her debut against Australia, repeated against Spain and very likely this Tuesday she will be one of the starting eleven against Brazil in the Costa Rican U-20 women’s national team’s last match at this World Cup at home.

The 18-year-old is happy with what he has achieved so far as he won his first fight at home.

She is also proud to see her teammates at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022, because beyond the results, they have all raced from start to finish.

“All of us who are here have made efforts, sacrifices, things that we stopped doing to go to bed early, to go to training, it’s something incredible. Playing the U-20 World Cup is something incredible, This is a global phenomenon that is observed all over the planet and I know that it can give many opportunities to all of us, because this is just the beginning”, said Fima Hidalgo.

The pandemic changed women’s football’s original plans and she says she felt sorry for the girls who dreamed of their World Cup and who couldn’t play it.

“It was their World Cup and we, who were under-17 at that time, were supposed to play the World Cup in India, but it was a matter of happiness in the end because it was a World Cup in our country, we were already classified, We didn’t have to play the pre-World Cup and it gave us a lot of joy and it’s great to play in front of our people.

Fiama Hidalgo says that ever since I was little I was always kicking a ball and the first thing I had was a stuffed animal.

That’s where it all began, including the fight at home, where he managed to win the ball a fierce duel with a violin.

“My mom didn’t want me to play soccer and today she doesn’t miss a game, she tried to make me play the violin so I didn’t play, but in the end I couldn’t. There was a day when I told her: ‘Mom, I can’t, I need to play’ and it was difficult for me to be on a team, because I started playing with men, with my cousins ​​in the neighborhood, with two like little stone boards on each side “, she remembers.

At first he entered an academy near his home so that he did not have much time.

“I live in Pozos de Santa Ana, but we didn’t check to see if there was a team nearby. I was at a women’s academy and then a scout from the national team came and got me in the under-15 process. And there I found myself in the Federation, ”he highlighted.

Fiama Hidalgo: "My mom didn't want me to play football and she doesn't miss a game today"

When he was about to turn 15, Fiama Hidalgo decided to look for a team and knocked on Dimas Escazzi’s door.

“It was a huge opportunity as I was able to play under-17 tournaments and make myself more famous as they are high performing tournaments and then they promoted me to the first division.”

And in every game, her mother is the first to be present, because today she takes great pride in watching her daughter accomplish as a football player and dream of more.

“My mother loves to watch me play now, she is so hurt by the pandemic, that the stadiums are closed and she could not go to watch me play. Now she doesn’t leave my game, neither my aunt, nor my godfather, nor my father (laughs…)”.

Football allowed him to grow and he went on to study at a university in the United States.

“I want to finish my career, be able to make myself famous there too, so that if given to me, I can become a professional player. U-20 is the final process to reach the senior national team and It’s something we all want, to get there, to be able to make that generational change”, concludes Fiama Hidalgo.


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