Fifty years as a spare parts distributor for Packer Parts


Packer parts Celebrating its 50th anniversary in the distribution, sales and marketing of spare parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and engines; A list of spare parts that arrive 180,000 references,

The product range is constantly expanding, to include at least 180,000 products as well as a wide range State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicle Charger This will help transport companies to make energy transition.

“In packer parts We are pleased to celebrate our 50th anniversary”, explains Laura Bloch, General Manager and Vice President of Packer Parts. “The success of our division is due to the extraordinary contributions of our employees and dealers, who provide exceptional service to our customers every day ”

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First Auto Parts Distribution Center, or PDC packer parts It opened in Renton, Washington, United States in 1973 and laid the foundation for other similar centers in the United States, Europe and eventually the rest of the world. Currently, Packer Parts operates 18 PDCs. four continents Which means a total of 315,000 square meters of distribution capacity.

On its part, in Europe, Packer Parts operates four spare parts distribution centers Eindhoven, Leyland, Budapest and Madrid which supplies to all DAF dealers on the continent and offers a delivery reliability of at least 99.99%, making them a reference in the truck spare parts sector.

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as PDC of packer parts The quality of customer service has improved, with the dealer network growing from around 180 dealers in 1973 to over 2,300 worldwide today, of which around 1,100 are in Europe, The increase in PDCs has improved access to products, reduced delivery times and increased service opportunities.

The One Stop Shop strategy, thanks to which transport operators can obtain everything they need for their fleets in one place, allowed Packer Parts to present its universal share program for trucks and trailers/semi-trailers in 1995 under the TRP name.

This offering of all types of spare parts, with over 60,000 items Trucks & Trailers, Semi-Trailers & Workshop Items It is the widest in this region. The global network of TRP dealers consists of 271 stores in 42 countries around the world, of which 99 are in Europe.

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