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The British Conservatives, caught in the vortex of time, in power for 12 years in a row and an obscure country with a politically, economically and socially sluggish Covid, managed to turn Johnson’s succession drama into a carnival. Less taxes, more spending, joy, Thatcher revived, eternal glory for Brexit, immigrant homes and a truce or fad to see who is more distant. Difficult to choose

According to Professor David Runciman of the University of Cambridge, leadership is all about creating “plausible illusions”, and the two contenders for 10 Downing Street have tried to do so in their televised struggles on Monday and Tuesday. for half an hour because the moderator had fainted). Persuading 160,000 militants tories That they would have to choose between one and the other that Brexit would have been already in the works had it not been for the fullness of the European Union, that prosperity is just around the corner, despite inflation and an impending recession, that the United Kingdom had “received its sovereignty.” “Even though more immigrants (legal and illegal) enter than ever before.

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Former Economy Minister Rishi Sunak And Foreign Minister Liz Truss To Dispute Boris Johnson'S Succession

While global politics is identity, tribalism and value, more money is still prevalent in the British class

It seems unbelievable that two characters with such ideologies, Thatcher’s successors, who basically only disagree on whether to reduce taxes sooner or later, and whether without new cuts and a return to austerity. It is possible to increase public spending. Treat each other as if they were the North Pole and the South Pole. It seems unlikely that the loser in the bloody battle will hold office in the next government.

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak, in debates and in his statements, presents himself as the candidate for conservatism by 2019, trying to reconcile the ideology of Brexit (more a state of mind and a religion than a politics at the moment) are doing. Economic reality and diplomatic demands. While Secretary of State Liz Truss (a clear favorite according to polls) appeals johnsonismo For a peculiar coalition of voters – former prime ministers, socially conservative, supporters of a liberal state (with them), English nationalists, foreign aides and immigrants, patriotic in their own way, forged by men – albeit short-lived – and law and order Women who demand action on crime, hate BBC, are blown away by culture picking And those for whom Brexit is as infallible as the Pope (despite slashing exports, cutting GDP by 4% and 50,000 euros less revenue in Treasury coffers).

Rishi Sunak And Liz Truss During The Debate On This Tuesday

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss during the debate on This Tuesday


As he is losing, Sunak goes on the attack, accusing his opponent of playing China’s game (she replies that he is playing Putin’s game) and offers to put the asylum seekers on boats, As did Australia. But in economics he goes like the savvy and frugal guy who knows what he’s talking about, while Truss does the math for the milkman and proposes a tax cut of 40,000 million euros that would fuel inflation and Will force the Bank of England to raise interest rates. up to seven percent. The Moon is promised in Spanish, while the Earth is promised in English, which the Foreign Minister does.

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A Man Rides A Bicycle In The Tower Hamlets Neighborhood In London, Friday, July 22, 2022.  (Ap Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

Post-capitalism ‘Tories’ party of retirees is torn between bigotry and nostalgia

Not only this. Sunak’s privileged upbringing and the fact that he’s a millionaire who makes a living wearing five hundred euro sneakers and five thousand bespoke suits (unlike American politicians, who try to dress modestly so that they don’t look like a millionaire). say). Tribes, identity, shared values ​​and culture are the trenches in which political wars are fought in the 21st century world. tories They are pronounced simultaneously in the fields of class and money. The historical key to the Conservatives’ success has been to manage voter disenchantment and maintain a steady level of discontent so that blood does not flow down the river, and they continue to do so. In a system similar to feudalism over merit, high society accepts those at the bottom if they have the correct pronunciation and wear clothes that God commands.

The craze is positioned as a relic of that sensible and risk-allergic classic conservatism, at once adding to the stew the toxic madness of Brexit and its emotional repression, while Truss introduces himself as the voice of rebellion. Which rightfully attacks the establishment, the “citizens of nowhere” for the global financial elite of Davos and Goldman Sachs.

loss tories, a capitalist party of retirees, torn between bigotry and nostalgia, determined to end tomorrow’s revolution (Thatcher). If exploiting hypocrisy is the essence of power, as Machiavelli’s disciples say, truce and cynicism go a long way. They treat voters like parents who tell their children that there are wise men, so that they continue to feel safe and loved.

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