Final cremation of dead bodies recovered from river Ganga in Ghazipur and Ballia


Lucknow: All the bodies recovered from the Ganges river in Ghazipur and Ballia districts of UP were cremated. Simultaneously, an investigation was launched to find out where the dead bodies were shed in the river.

Ballia District Magistrate Aditi Singh said that Sub Divisional Magistrate Sadar and Circle Officer Sadar conducted a search operation on the information of the mutilated bodies under the Ballia-Buxar bridge in Ganga under the Narali Police Station area. However, the exact number of corpses found did not be disclosed.

The bodies were found floating in the river on Monday evening and authorities found a large number of mutilated bodies near Ujiar and Bharauli under Narhi police station in Ballia.

Officials of Ballia and Ghazipur district carried out a joint search operation in the Ganges and its tributaries, including Karmnasha, when locals informed the administration about several bodies floating in the river.

Authorities in Buxar, Bihar, claimed on Monday that bodies floating in the Ganges river were coming from UP. During the inspection, seven bodies were seen in the Karmnasha River before the confluence in the Ganges on the Ghazipur-Buxar border.

District Magistrate Ghazipur MP Singh said, “All the bodies have rot due to being in the water and it is suspected that they were shed a few days ago. It is difficult to ascertain where the bodies were shed in the rivers, but we police Have asked the villagers to find out. Our district is doing this.