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Final Worlds 2022: DRX win their first World Cup in heart-stopping series

IIn League of Legends, it’s not always the best who wins. it’s clear. As with other sports, such as football, being the best player doesn’t always get you winning. Because of this, Faker has only won three of the five finals he has fought, and Daft has only reached one.

On Sunday, November 6th, esports and LoL history was made. With the story of Daft backing out, the shooter has won the Summoner’s Cup, and he hasn’t done it any old fashioned way. They dominated the first game, and managed to draw in the second., In the third they are crossed in a map that seemed to be theirs, with two noxious robberies, and in the the fourth is able to recover Again with a brilliant Kingen.

Ultimately, In the fifth, they win again, but with a forceful end. Later Two shores, both T1 . have been in Because Gumayusi has again stolen another with Varus’ ‘Q’, the team’s good team fight, with the spirit of the mountain, heIt has served to close the tie and fulfill Daft’s dream.

Faker dominated the first match and scared DRX

The first map started with a lot of similarities and a lot of nerves in both the teams. However, the Zeka-Pyosik pair had a clear objective: to quickly eliminate Faker, and obtain First Blood., DRX Jungle Wala Came Twice, Despite Owner’s Attack MiddleThe first to remove the Flash from ‘Demon King’ and the second to drop Strike For this midlaner,

However, T1 reacted quickly, and with a good game from Kerry they removed Daft, and ended it. Gradually, the LCK runners-up, who were too focused on the objectives, started to take advantage. The first was the one who saw the XRD the most, but Gumayusi stole it with an arrow from Varas.

The Honor began to be super active for all the targets, and although DRX took aim in the Herald fight, he saw how Zeka fell and it was impossible for him to recover the eye. Later, in search of T1’s third dragon between Faker and Zeus, they distract the dragons, making it easier for their team to become targets. This is when the ‘Demon King’ started taking advantage, as he also committed many murders.

After this, T1 focused on fighting the target and hunting the prey. In about 20 minutes, Pyosik and Beryl died near Nashor, and the purpose also fell into their hands, leaving the confrontation completely unbalanced. Pressing on the three lines, he eliminated all the towers, preventing DRX from being able to fight when the neutral monster came out again., With that fond, and with the waves, the Korean runner-up moved one step closer to becoming world champion again.

Tie equals in a crazy match

The second game could be the turning point. If T1 won, the DRX mentality may have fallen, but if it was 1-1 we could have tied it up again. in this matter, First Blood came late, with a three-on-three fight at the top, which T1 won by beating Kingen, Beryl and Piosic.

Faker ended up getting away on the scoreboard, but a mistake by Faker fighting on top against too many enemies made two kills easy and D.I returned the DRX to the game, as they became the Herald. Minute by minute the match was tied and both the teams fought on equal terms.

In such a situation came the battle that decided the match. With two teams having three dragons, they had to fight for the soul. The DRX made it worse, they split and finally the T1 found purpose. Nevertheless, in subsequent battles, one member of each team died.

It looked like it was going to be a second point for the runner-up, who managed to get closer to the end of the game in an attempt to get Nashor, but nothing could be further from the truth. The shrewdness shone through, and with his ultimate he took on his team. With T1 half dead, the Dragons pushed in the middle, and ended the game receiving an Ace, slaying various enemies who were looking to defend the nexus. It was one on one.

T1 and the luck of the champion

The third map was the fastest to start with. Piosic was looking for activism, and As he started, he looked for a gank in the bottlen that went well, giving Daft first blood., However, Carey was quick and almost eliminated rival Edcari in one go.

The match then remained even and the first rookie blood in the DRX race between Boutlen and Topplane came in T1. Still, DRX got Daft to take the lead with a double in a crazy midlane fight. It started with problems with Kalista the Edcarie, but that’s where they started trying to make snowball,

But this game, for some reason, was set up to win T1. First It was the owner whoIn a desperate move they attacked the shore area when it was being DRXed, without the thrower that had already fallen. He arrived on time and missed the target, managing to turn the game around.

And as if that was not enough, then the same thing happened. Faker was wrong, and he fell into the hands of Zeka, who also died from Nashor’s damage. However, the target fell short of health, and This time it was Gumayusi who, using Varas’ cue, took it without being able to kill Piosic, giving T1 the ultimate advantage to close the match.And destroy the psyche of dragons.

Kingon shines and Piosic redeems himself

The fourth game started with nerves in the DRX. It was a tough situation for them, and the first blood came with a very close bot fight. Keria managed to get a duff who was looking for the missing To revive, but couldn’t find it. The same will happen again later, but with a gank from the owner.

T1 was ahead, but A top fight saw Pyosik get two kills. Later a very negative dragon fight for the Korean runner-up resulted in two more kills to the dragons, which achieved the objective. Next was the Herald, and DRX again got two more kills, and after catching the eye, they knocked down three towers from Faker’s set.

He dances XRD with Nashor, knowing that they will try to steal it, but without doing so. Instead they found a faker which was in very poor condition. They hunted him, and followed four of his companions, while only two died. This distance made the dragons nearshore.

With that, using the buff, he put pressure on both the middle and bot lanes. T1 was trying to fight back, but Faker was not well with Akali, and he was of no help. eventually The DRX guys managed to close the game by sending them to the fifth map.

Nine years later… Clever World Champion

In the end all or nothing came. There could be only one left, and whatever happened, it ended here. Both teams were very focused, and The first blood came on Zeka through the pickaxe pit with the Flash of the Honor.

Kingen, who has been the most outstanding player in DRX, tied a one-on-one match with Zeus. dragons played herald, and Zeka ends up with Faker, with the help of Kingen. They went on, until the owner intervened to put 3-3 on the scoreboard.

However, the game soon settled. Shortly after minute 20, DRX got to a four-for-naught, and they went to Nashor to get the buff., However, as in previous games, Gumayusi steals the target with Varus’ cuePaying back the profit to T1.

Fights were happening for purposes, and they were too. However, with the friendly soul point of dragons, He dances with Nashor, and kills Faker, Keria, and Zeus, thus giving the dragon’s soul time to form alone.

However, as long as they do, T1 ran to Nashor, and tried to move the map, Pyosik was about to mess it up with a complicated facecheck, but he had time to do battle for the big dragon, making it clear that everything was going to be fixed.

In the match that lasted more than a minute, both the teams hit the target, but in the end DRX took control of the field and the target. it happened because Faker and Zeus tried to make the backdoor, but DRX stopped them, managing to kill four of the five members of T1. anymore, He pushed the map and tie and took off.

This is the end of this world championship in League of Legends. An incredible competition, which has taken the spectators of the game to the next level. Different stadiums have considered different phases, but all have been completed. Not to mention the one in the final, Chase Center, who did not fit a pin.

This world 2022 which has been so incredible, can’t end in any other way than with a great story. it is office story, The player who, despite his level, did not get to fight for the cup, either because of misfortune or small details. This year when the talk of his retirement was already going on, he has succeeded, he is the world champion.

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