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Finally a good one: Argentina is ideal country to avoid nuclear war, according to scientists

run to argentina the best chance of survival would be a Nuclear war between Russia and the United Statessaid a group of scientists, who analyzed all possible scenarios through computer simulations.

,A plume of smoke from burning cities would engulf the Earth, causing crop failure around the world, models show.says the study. add such countries Argentina hey Australia has the best hope civilization is alive for a decade after a radioactive fallout.

Nuclear World War
A group of scientists said fleeing to Argentina would be the best chance of avoiding a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.
Nuclear World War
Countries like Argentina or Australia have the best hope that civilization will survive a decade after radioactive fallout.

This study is published in the Scientific Journal nature foodindicates that in large quantity 5.000 Millions of people around the world will starve after a massive conflict 100 nuclear bombs are involved, along with ashes thrown by firearms that would block the sun and cause crop failure.

research estimates that youA nuclear war between India and Pakistan could release 5 to 47 million tonnes of ash Depends on how many weapons are used and how many cities are completely destroyed.

Modern nuclear war could kill five billion people

The study envisions: “It all begins in 2025, when tensions escalate between India and Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir. When a terrorist attacks a site in India, that country sends tanks across the border to Pakistan. As a show of strength against the invading army, Pakistan decides to detonate several small nuclear bombs.,

“The next day,” the simulation continues, “India launches its own nuclear detonation, and within days, nations begin bombing dozens of military targets and then hundreds of cities. The explosions kill millions.”

Nuclear World War
More than 5 billion people will starve after a full-scale world conflict involving 100 nuclear bombs.
Nuclear World War
The ashes thrown by firearms, causing burning cities, would block the sun and cause crop failures around the world.

According to scientists, smoke from cities set on fire growLaugh at in the atmosphere, covers the planet in a layer of Ashes Which will block the sun’s rays for years. Scientists call this “nuclear winter”.

Ash will be a key factor in severity of nuclear winter, reducing global temperatures more than 10 °C, greater than the cooling experienced in the last ice age,

Putin’s campaigners threaten to unleash “an apocalypse” and “nuclear winter” with Zaporizhia

The effect of a nuclear winter on human food would be devastating. “Over the years, crops dry up from California to China. There is a famine all over the world”, they speculate.

“For the smallest war scenario, 5 million tons of ash resulting from a conflict between India and Pakistan, Calorie production across the planet could drop by as much as 7% in the first five years after the war”, said the investigation.

Nuclear World War
A nuclear war between the United States and Russia could produce 150 million tons (teragrams) of ash, triggering a “nuclear winter”. It will take years for the skies to clear.
Nuclear World War
A nuclear war between India and Pakistan could leave between 5 and 47 million tons of soot in the atmosphere, depending on how many weapons are used and how many cities are destroyed.

and adds: “In the 47 million ton scenario” AshesThe world average of calories is reduced by 50%”.

Meanwhile, the experiment showed that an all-out nuclear war between the United States and Russia, which was likely heightened by the invasion of Ukraine, could produce 150 million tonnes (teragram) of soot, It will take years for the skies to clear.

New York prepares for nuclear war and advises residents to counter attack

This would be the “worst of all” scenarios for humanity., because food production would drop by 90% after three or four years after the war. “The planet’s food supply could be destroyed in a war with less than 1% of the world’s nuclear arsenal,” the study warned.

over the course of five years, According to research, there will be a 13% decline in maize production, 11% in wheat production and 17% in soybean production.,

Nuclear World War
According to research, in the five years following the nuclear war, maize production will decline by 13%, wheat production by 11% and soybean production by 17%.
Nuclear World War
“A large percentage of people will starve to death,” said Lily Xia, a climatologist at Rutgers University. “it’s really bad.”

“The most surprising finding is that even a small war scenario has catastrophic global repercussions,” said Jonas Jaegermeier, a food safety researcher at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

the most affected nations will be those Located mid to high latitudes, which already has a short growing season and will cool more dramatically after a nuclear war than tropical regions. The grain stock will disappear in a year or two.

A nuclear war would plunge Earth into a ‘little ice age’

,A large percentage of people will die of hunger.”Told Lily Xia, climatologist at Rutgers University (New Jersey), who led the work. “it’s really bad.”

his colleague, professor Alan Roebuck, explained that Cause Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay or will australia is an advantage because the product More resistant crops, such as wheat, in large quantities, and they may depend on it. They say wheat will grow relatively well in cold climates induced by atmospheric ash.

Nuclear World War
Argentina and Australia will have an advantage because they already produce more resistant crops, such as wheat, in large quantities, and can depend on it.
Nuclear World War
According to research, Argentina and Australia will be able to feed their populations after a nuclear winter.

“Farmers can respond by planting corn, wheat and soybeans in parts of the world that are less likely to be affected by a nuclear winter,” he says. Food safety researcher Deepak Ray at the University of Minnesota,

but make it clear This Could help ease the food crisis”Solo partially”,

Although the threat of a nuclear world war is now lower than in the Cold War, the alarm was raised following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the NATO state of alert.

Nuclear World War
During the nuclear winter, wheat would grow relatively well in cold climates induced by atmospheric ash.
Nuclear World War
MAP: The world if a nuclear war would produce 150 Tg of ash. Green areas show countries where their own food production can support the needs of their population. In red, countries where daily caloric intake would be less than required to maintain a basal metabolic rate and thus die after a person has depleted their body’s energy stores in stored fat and muscle.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons fell, but today there are nine nations in total, over 12,000 nuclear weapons and many other countries becoming a nuclear power.

Because of this, researchers argue that nuclear war and nuclear winter remain a threat to humanity. “It happens very rarely, but if it happens, it will affect everyone,” Deepak Ray said. ,these things are very dangerous,

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