Finally, Mirtha Legrand returns to the Altres screen: emotion, laughter and some sticks for her grandson Nacho Viole in the midst of signing the contract.

Finally, Mirtha Legrand returns to the Altres screen: emotion, laughter and some sticks for her grandson Nacho Viole in the midst of signing the contract.

After so many twists and turns, the big day has finally arrived. Mirtha Legrand signs her contract for Altres to return to the screen With its classic table. The hosts were received by Chanel executives (Adrian Suar, Pablo Codvilla and Coco Fernández) along with their grandchildren Juana (who will also return to the screen on Sunday) and Nacho Viale, and show partner He telecast parts of the meeting live.

“I’m late, I have to be at 12 o’clock”, Legrand told the reporter this morning, waiting for him to leave quickly at the door of his house. After assuring that she felt a lot of emotions, the diva admitted: “Two and a half years is a long time, but that day has finally come. I’m about to cry,

A few minutes later, the driver arrived at the Constitution Channel and was greeted by Pig, Kodavila and Fernandez, who were waiting for him in the living room with a large breakfast. “La Chiqui”, draped in a pink suit and transparent glasses, was on top of the table while Codavilla served her tea. And before the meeting and signing of contracts begins, the cameras mate… They went to the office to have a live chat with Nayak. ,It took us a long time to get there, but here we are. I feel like crying and emotion, emotion”, he expressed almost his inability to believe that his return to TV was a fact.

Surprised by the changes on the channel (her program in recent years was recorded in a studio in Palermo), the host warned: “There were many years of my life here. I don’t know it, it didn’t exist. Before that it was a terrace. My study was on the ground floor, a small study. I spent many years here, very pleasant as of now.”

The truth is that after “months, months and months” (as defined by the host) of conversation, his return to TV is a fact. While she will be in charge of her program on Saturday, her granddaughter Juana Viole will do it on Sunday. “My wish is prosperity for all, that we may be together,” said the actress in an ironic tone.

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“We always get on well,” interrupted her grandmother. “Yes, we do,” said Juanita, noting that her words were for pig. Immediately, the channel’s content manager picked up the glove and joked: “I’ll give you legs so we can play a little bit”, something that was immediately validated by Viall. ,This is pure game. The truth is that we get along well. It was spent in conversation because Grandma is very demanding”, he gestured amid laughter.

“Yeah, yes, I’m asking, with myself too,” confirmed Mirtha, who revealed that she hardly slept last night. “I woke up every once in a while. I went to eat, I returned to my house at 12 and today I woke up very early. So after here I’m going to take a little nap because tonight I’m going to Colon “I’ve been out a lot lately, it’s good for me. In addition, the reunion with the public is very, very pleasant. I go to functions and they appreciate me when I go. They also appreciated me when I entered here,” he clarified.

His remarks generated a reaction from his granddaughter, who assured that he was not received in the same way. What she agreed on is that she couldn’t even blink last night. “I had gone out too, but at 10:30 I was already at home. I fell asleep and woke up at 2 o’clock thinking I was asleep. So I didn’t sleep till 4 o’clock and I panicked. Today my brother texted me and I was very nervous,” he revealed.

Adrian Suar, Mirtha Legrand And Carlos Rotemberg On The Reopening Of The Lissa Theater
Adrian Suar, Mirtha Legrand and Carlos Rotemberg on the reopening of the Lissa TheaterPatricio Piddle – AFV

After making sure that he still had no guests in mind, the Pig joked: “This table, as it is, is already set. This is a nice table. For example, I would talk to Nacho and ask him: ‘How was the conversation?’ That, besides, has to make it a special one because what we were talking about was all so cool and so weird.,

“Shall we go back to Zoom?” Legrand’s grandson laughed, realizing that there was a barrier from where the program was built because of cost. “The conversations were terrible, they never ended,” complained Mirtha, while Juanita asked about the atmosphere of the meetings. ,It was always with respect, we never bitch. The deepest conversation was cut because Adrian had to go to the theater”, revealed the owner of StoryLab.

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“I have not been on television for two years and six months because of the pandemic. This impressed me a lot as I did not go out of my house, even to the balcony. I didn’t go out for 300 days”, Legrand recalled again about what it was like to be away from TV. Not wanting to be sad, the Pig interrupted him: “We’re so glad to have you two. Although it was a long conversation, they’re things on TV,” he said, realizing that he had never been with Viole. There was no anger.

“Everyone told me to come back, it excites me. We did a great ad, can you tell?” asked the diva, nodding her grandson. “No, that’s something she alluded to in the end,” joked the pig, arousing laughter from across the table. He always runs with secrets,” complained the driver, doubling his laughter even more.

Immediately, Paula Varela ( Special Envoy of .) partners… to cover the match of the year) asked how much Rottemberg had to do with the conversation. “A lot, a lot and it was of his own free will, no one called him. He just called me one day and said: ‘Look, Chiquita, I’m going to intervene because this has been going on for a long time and your image is getting a little bad’, because everyone thought it was because of me and It’s because of me. the man who didn’t sign the contract”, revealed Legrand, again pointing to his grandson. “Then I told him: ‘Okay Carlitos, you intervened, you’re a respected man, but Nacho always thought I called Rotemberg and I never called him, it was the other way around,'” he explained. .

“No, no, no, it wasn’t. The man is there as a witness”, Nacho defends himself, looking at the pig. “Carlos was an important card dealer because there were things that hindered us,” he He explained without ending speaking, as his sister interrupted: “But we’re all great here, we’re happy,” Juana said to cut through the tense atmosphere.

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“Things happened that have to do with the conversation, it is neither the first nor the last. It was thin”, limited the polka owner, agreeing with Viole. “At my age, I spend so much time on television without being touched. I could have been at home quietly, but I like to work”, Legrand explained of her desire to return.

Minutes later, reporters from mate… asked where the program would eventually come from; The question which again exposed the conflict between the driver and his grandson. “We are in another studio like last year,” explained Pig. “I asked Nacho why we didn’t do it on Chanel, because I love being here. And well, he gave me an explanation,” the Tables star was honest.

“Let’s not start with the details of the conversation, Grandma, because we go back ten squares,” Nacho challenged her, while the Pig laughed and put on the cold clothes: “Beyond this game, which is a comedy that we do with Nacho, we are very happy to have them here. Moreover, the conversation became even wider as we wanted both to be present.”, he said in reference to Mirtha and her granddaughter.

“There were other interested channels”, Legrand shot true to his style. “Yes, I know, because as I always said: ‘Mirtha is from all television’ and if she moves to another channel, I’ll be there just like all those guests who’ve followed you over the years “, admitted the producer. As polka he listed the channels where his lunch was passed.

Before turning off the cell phones and for the drivers to sign their contracts, Nacho Viole took the stage to deliver the final message. “I want to highlight the desire of the channel. The conversations are difficult and lengthy at times, but I highlight Adrian, Pablo and Coco’s desire to be back here. We are happy”, concluded the producer.


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