Financial difficulties that live with Paola Krum

Financial difficulties that live with Paola Krum

race of paola krum This has led her to moments of great success and pause for a while without being able to work. invited to the floor show partnerThe actress reviewed her career where she surprised with her statements about the ups and downs of her profession and how they affect her financial situation.

When talking about the uproar generated by the novel in 2006 Monte Cristowho starred with Paul IchariPaola told a funny anecdote. He remembered that one day he had told Ekchari that he i took the metro to go to the recording and he replied: “so no one sees it”he said amidst laughter.

It was then that Rodrigo Lucicho asked him if he ever felt “ISo not being able to walk on the street? Because he had scored 30 rating points at that time.” Paola’s response was “No, I’ve never felt that way”, In this sense, he expressed that he prefers to lead a quiet life, in which he does not lose sight of everyday things and that “As normal as possible”.

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Paola Crum tells show partners that her economic reality goes beyond fame and success.

So he travels via public transport. “I remember being pregnant and walking down the street, because I love walking and traveling. Sometimes I’m surprised when I see someone watching me, I’m quite oblivious to them… and well, because sometimes I don’t have a handle”He was honest, and then went on to explain that the life of actors is not what the public imagines. “There’s a bias that actors, and especially those who are doing well, have a lot of money, when that’s not always the case. I feel like I’m doing well, thank goodness, but it’s very unstable You’re doing fine and then nothing, suddenly things go well for you again, so you have to save.”He continued.

It was thus that he accepted that the offer to act the first of us, Near Benjamin Vicuna, It came at just the right time. “I was desperate, it was a moment of really great uncertainty where I didn’t know what would happen to the profession in the midst of a pandemic and I said: ‘I can’t be so lucky.’ Because on top of this it was very, very well written and I didn’t hesitate to accept it.Krum remembered.

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The leading role in The First of Us came at the right time, when he was

The leading role in The First of Us came to her at the right time, when she was “desperate because she didn’t know what was going to happen to the profession in the midst of a pandemic.”


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