Find out when you can receive them

Find out when you can receive them - In Court

This benefit gives people a monthly payment of $206,173 until they turn 65, after which they can access the Universal Guaranteed Pension, which can be received for life.

However, in December, PBSI beneficiaries will receive more than usual, as they will be able to access the Christmas bonus provided by IPS.

When will I receive the Basic Solidarity Disability Pension?

With the $206,173 provided monthly with this benefit, people can also access $26,734 for the Christmas bonus, making a total of $232,907.

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For this reason, IPS announced that the payment of their contributions will be advanced so that citizens can receive them before the holidays, creating a platform where they can consult quickly and easily.

To do this, you must enter the Mi ChileAtiende site, enter your RUT and click “Consult”. The platform will automatically announce the day when the money will be delivered to you, the amount you will receive and the way in which it will be paid, by transfer or in person.

This is how you apply for this benefit

In case you have not been able to access the Basic Solidarity Disability Pension, IPS has created two ways for people to apply. These are:

  • Enter the IPS Online site.
  • You typed RUT
  • Click on “Universal Guaranteed Pension, Solidarity Pillar and Child Bonus” and then “Basic Solidarity Disability Pension”.
  • Start the application and log in with your Unique Code.
  • Complete the form, check that all the information is correct and send it.
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In person

  • Go to the Chile Atiende office.
  • Explain that you want to apply for the Basic Solidarity Disability Pension (PBSI).
  • Present the following documentation:
  • Valid identity card.
  • Copy of disability opinion, issued by medical commissions.
  • If the procedure is performed by a representative, you must present the respective power of attorney or guardianship.

These are the requirements to meet in order to receive the $103,000 Disability Subsidy

This contribution is given monthly to young people under 18 years of age with disabilities.