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Finding Ego Balance Is the Foundation of Mental Health

At a popular level arrogance is much talked about and regarded as negative, although its actual meaning is rarely given and therefore often confused. Is arrogance really bad? Why? Perhaps it is a question of understanding what exactly we are talking about when using this term. In fact, “ego” comes from Latin and means “I”.

Is it negative to focus on the most essential part of what defines us? As with almost everything, it is always a matter of degree. yes to find the truth balance level. And this balance is necessary in relation to the ego as an essential basis for mental health.

There Are People Who Feel &Quot;Touched&Quot; His Ego From The Likes Or Comments He Receives On Social Networks.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
There are people who feel their ego is “hidden” by the likes or comments they receive on social media. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

overabundance of ego This can lead to narcissism, that is, excessive worship of a person for himself. It can also lead us to selfishness, that is, prioritizing ourselves to such an extent that we don’t care about others. In contrast, a person with a low ego often lacks good self-esteem and does not assert his or her rights or is easily abused by others. As we begin to warn, all extremes are bad.

fight the ego

from some religious or mystical seatIt is common to hear, especially from an Eastern base, about the importance of fighting the ego (I). This is because the “I” always desires: this is a basic position from the psychoanalytic point of view. That is why psychoanalysts, when talking about a person, call him an “object of desire.”

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the reasons why religions prefer buddhism they fight the ego and its will This is because they believe that this is the most appropriate way to ascend to the spiritual level and no longer need the material world (thus avoiding the cycle of rebirth).

Although it is nothing more than a religious position, it is respectable though, and more than suitable for those who decide to become a monk and spend the rest of their days confined to a temple and turn their backs on the outside world. Let’s take But, in contrast, will is important in psychoanalysis and all psychotherapeutic treatments must regard it as the central axis of treatment. We are objects of desire, and our relationship with the object of desire significantly determines our position in life.

ego from second position

If we were to now refer to the ego from a psychoanalytical position, then speaking of “the ego” would be nothing more than speaking of “the ego”. And in fact, this last word also creates confusion, as it is also commonly thought of as negative. It is related to people who are frivolous, selfish, not very empathetic, manipulative, unable to care for others, etc. In fact, when mental health professionals refer to “Narcissistic Pathologies” We commonly find the above features and it is clear that this is responsible for the complex and very unhealthy clinical picture. It is also in the psychopathic structure that we find very high levels of narcissism.

However, what we are talking about here is an excess of ahankar (ego), which does not mean that it does not need a sufficient dose. even Freud considered the existence of a primary addictionwhich allowed the child to seek himself as a love object before he could choose external objects.

In other words, a person with a low level of narcissism will not value themselves, they will not accept themselves, they will not love themselves. Therefore, they will desperately and at any cost seek the evaluation of others, acceptance of others And the pieces of love that the other can give him as alms. This will lead him to occupy hunting positions and will be a magnet that will attract people with extreme narcissism (possible psychopathy).

midpoint and border of the ego

So what is the appropriate middle ground of narcissism that we should have? What is the line between being a victim or a perpetrator? that midpoint is not determined by anything other than us self respect, Yes, talking about the ego is talking about the ego, and talking about the ego is talking about our level of self-esteem. And for this reason, on a popular level and with great wisdom, it is often said that, when it comes to establishing a healthy loving relationship with others, we must first love ourselves.

Some People Have Very High Ego And Can Be Considered As Cocky.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Some people have very high ego and can be considered as cocky. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

an adequate self-esteem implies Value yourself beyond the fact that others don’t value usAccept ourselves beyond the fact that the other does not accept us and love ourselves despite the fact that the other does not love us. And of course, so that said self-esteem is not excessive and therefore pathological, do not forget the obvious that other should be treated as we deserve it. It is not possible to establish a healthy emotional relationship unless it is based on equality.

Social networks and “likes”

Another interesting thing that is clearly observable every day on social networks is what happens to many people are curious Likes and comment on their posts. There are some people who get depressed even after receiving bad comments from people they don’t even know. what is this about? Because you only look for what you don’t have and probably never had.

just someone insecure, with inferiority complex And low self-esteem can lead to an immediate need for validation by others (even strangers). And since the foundations of mental health (therefore also of self-esteem) are laid in childhood, it is common to find that these people, who are desperate to feed their ego or narcissism with praise from others, receive it from their parents. There is no proper appreciation for the father. The time in which his psyche was formed. In other cases, they have recently been victims of pathological narcissism.

However, beyond the special case, the truth is no one has so much passion to admire And stand out until their self-esteem is in tatters. How to reset it? How to love yourself in the right and healthy measure? The answer is very simple: no one can love someone they don’t know. Therefore, the first step in being able to love yourself must be to gain some degree of self-knowledge. Only then can we modify what we don’t like, accept what we cannot change, and discover our own strengths. No wonder the famous Greek aphorism inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi says: “Know thyself!”.

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