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fire fighting techniques

Forest fire translates as forest fire in English. As often with that language, the word is precise, precise, as if the noun itself was determined to contain the fiendish vastness of its meaning. Wild is wild, fire is fire; wild fire. Infallible, cruel, atheist.

There are natural phenomena that cause pain or attraction because of their relentless force: tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes. Man can only remain silent and admit his inferiority to the liberated nature, which reminds us from time to time that we live under its undeniable domination and danger. Other natural disasters, such as fires, which are more predictable and increasingly common, cause profound desolation due to the repetition and impotence that even the most optimistic and even techno-optimists, usually so experienced, cause despair. can become. What could our beloved robots do in the face of wildfire? Technology ends where the wild begins.

And yet, we’ve known for decades that the only difference between optimism and pessimism—when it’s not an aesthetic commitment or liveliness—is the effort of desire. So we’re once again practicing the first, because there’s certainly material and data to be creative about that confirms that technology can help not only in prevention, but in the extinction and control of wildfires. can also help.

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Digital technology can be crucial in rapid fire detection and thus allow better decision making. At the University of Berkeley, the Fire Research Program (curiously enough) uses a variety of platforms and satellites to detect and analyze fires. They work with simulators that can process the information and allow for more effective management with better predictions of fire’s growth and development. His team of researchers is convinced that the future of firefighting lies in digitization.

a technique that has already been used There are drones in firefighting. Day and night, they can get closer to fire than any aircraft and collect accurate and valuable information not only for fire management; They can also equip themselves with substances and act in significant ways to prevent the spread, sometimes preventing further fires from spreading.

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There are also many examples of technology for fire prevention, which will always be the cheapest and least dangerous way to fight them. Ultra-sensitive sensors, which are connected to the Internet, can record various values, report in real time and even activate irrigation systems or others before a fire occurs.

The technology exists, it is effective, and it can be further refined. But technology is like hope, it doesn’t solve fire or any other problem on its own. It needs the right investments and plans so that its full potential can be harnessed and oriented towards results. It requires ambitious and coordinated political and business decisions. But as has already been said, technology collides with the wildest of nature. and of human nature.

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