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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Firing in Capitol Hill area of ​​America, officer killed in car collision, suspect also killed

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There has been firing in the Capitol Hill area of ​​America. The police sealed the area after firing. According to the US Capitol Police, the buildings have been closed ‘due to external danger’. Also, staff members cannot go in or out at the moment.

It is being told that a policeman hit two policemen near the US Capitol building, one of whom died while undergoing treatment in the hospital. After which the US Capitol Building was closed due to the danger. A suspect has also been killed. A suspect was detained in this case. Officials said it appeared that the driver of the car had a knife, after which police opened fire.

At the same time, the discussion on social media intensified due to the landing of a helicopter inside the Capitol complex amidst this whole development. Some videos have seen heavy police forces being deployed on the Capitol and taken to stretchers to carry the injured.

The safety of Capitol Hill has been a delicate issue since the beginning of this year. The incident brought back memories of an uproar caused by a mob entering the US Capitol nearly three months ago when members of the US Parliament were voting in connection with the victory of Joe Biden on the presidency. On 6 January this year, supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Parliament and during this time there was heavy violence. Many policemen and protesters were injured in this and many people died.


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