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Thursday, April 15, 2021

First phase nomination in Panchayat elections from today, candidates should not get this mistake rejected, first of all know the rules

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New Delhi In five states, even though the leaders are doing one day and night to win the assembly elections, on the other hand, in the biggest state of the country, UP these days, three-tier Panchayat Election The enthusiasts are on the seventh sky. In the streets, squares and chaupals of the village, candidates and supporters are campaigning fiercely to hoist their flag in the panchayat elections. To woo voters, candidates are trying every trick.

The nomination process for the first phase of voting has also started from today, the results of which will come on May 2. In such a situation, before making the nomination, the candidates are required to know about some important things, because even if there is a small mistake, the opponent can reject your nomination letter.

The State Election Commission said that the nomination of those candidates will be rejected who will use the walls of the village for publicity. Wall writing has been completely banned in panchayat elections. In the nomination papers, instructions have been given to avoid giving false information. Also, if you spend more than the amount spent, the form will also be rejected.

– This mistake should not fall on the candidates.

The candidates may have to resort to walls to campaign, as the Election Commission has banned any type of painting and wall writing. If you make such a mistake, then your form can be rejected. If a wall painting is done for publicity on walls, delete it before nomination.

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The Election Commission has given the authority to revoke the misleading people and disqualify them. The Election Commission can whip up action on the candidates who spend more than the fixed amount.

At the same time, limited funds have been ensured to spend the nominees for the three-tier panchayat elections. Village head and BDC contenders cannot spend more than Rs 75,000, Gram Panchayat member Rs 10 thousand and Zilla Panchayat member post for promotion more than Rs 1,50,000.

– These papers will be necessary

In the three-tier panchayat elections, candidates will be able to submit from one to four sets during the nomination. It is also necessary to give affidavit and no deuce along with nomination form. The Election Commission has given strict instructions that Aganwadi women workers, assistants, Asha, Shiksha Mitras, Kisan Mitras, village employment servants etc. will not be able to contest panchayat elections. A candidate must be 21 years of age to contest elections and 18 years to cast votes.


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