Fisheries Commodity Analysis: Indonesia’s Opportunity to Boost Fish Exports to the US

America The United States is Indonesia’s main market in non-oil and gas sector exports, trailing China. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released that as of April 2022, non-oil and gas exports to China were valued at US$5.49 billion, followed by the United States at US$2.46 billion.

The Trade Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC noted that the trade balance between Indonesia and the United States recorded a surplus of US$17.56 billion in 2021, an increase of 31.64% compared to 2020.

Indonesia’s largest export products to the United States include electronics, clothing/apparel, rubber products, footwear, vegetable oils, and seafood products.

The volume of exports to the United States is still likely to continue to increase. The Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC is ready to facilitate Indonesian exporters to obtain information and assistance related to various sectors for market expansion in the United States.

The attache paid special attention to promoting the export of fish and various processed products to the United States. The opportunity is still open, especially since the quality of Indonesian fish is very famous in the world.

Data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) shows that the main export items of fisheries products in 2020 include shrimp, tuna, tuna, skipjack tuna, seaweed, squid, octopus and crab.

The 2020 data also shows that the trade balance of Indonesian fisheries products is a surplus of US$4.777 billion from an export value of US$5.205 billion.

The export destination countries with the largest volumes were China, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the largest export value was peaked by the United States, followed by China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The export volume to China reached 422,564,850 kg in 2020. Meanwhile, the highest export value to the United States reached 2,096,627,031 US dollars.

The United States market is still very open for fish exports. The volume still needs to increase at the same time to achieve higher export prices.

The increase in fisheries exports to the United States is also expected to support the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, which stated in the 2022 trade regulation number of non-oil and gas exports growth of 7.2 percent. 46/2020 in relation to the strategic plan of the Ministry of Trade for 2020-2024. [rif]


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