Fisker Pear: the promised electric compact comes


American company Fisker organized an event to reveal its income statement last year. But what is important is that they were also inspired to announce new details about the well-known Fisker Ocean, in addition to promising the Fisker Pear, a 4.50-meter-long electric compact that would not be too long to launch on the market. .

Starting with the well-known Fisker Ocean, the company said that “quality tests are progressing well” and should be completed next month. And it is that this electric crossover still needs to be properly approved before deliveries can begin in the United States of America and even outside its borders.

The Fisker Ocean will offer more autonomy than expected


The company’s CEO Henrik Fisker did not give a specific date when the Ocean will be sent, but he said: “We are the first to start a vehicle homologated on two continents at the same time.” He added that the ability to sell “Ocean in the United States, and seven European markets is unusual and important for strategic risk” to help increase sales, while allowing the automaker vehicles to “any market has the highest growth.”

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Although the tests are on their way, the American company said that the EPA and WLTP tests have already been completed. They confirm that “internal findings show a higher autonomy of the Fisker Ocean than we initially projected”. The company also said it expects the model to have “the longest range of any SUV/crossover priced under $70,000.”

This electric SUV will be manufactured in Austria

2022 Ocean Fisherman.  An Image Of The Station.

Now it only remains to wait for the autonomy that Ocean Fisker expects to approve, which could increase from the initial 350 miles (563 kilometers) to 360 (579 kilometers) in the United States. As you know, the EPA environment is more demanding than ‘our’ WLTP, so Henrik Fisker himself believes that his Ocean in Europe can reach the limits of 700 kilometers, which is more than the 630 that was promised from the beginning.

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At the moment, the American company has manufactured 56 prototypes and manages to have some 65,000 firm orders in its Ocean. The figure is close to 42,400 vehicles that they say they can “manufacture” at their Grand Steyr facilities in Austria this year, “as long as our supply chain forecast is met and we receive timely approval.”

$29,900 risk Fisker Pear

2023 Fisker Pearl.  Motion Picture Sketch.

But the American firm is not only focused on its ocean. They’ve also started putting out their new Fisker Pear Touch, a list that they say is doing well, and they claim to have received more than 5,600 reservations so far. And it happened that the Fisker Pear will be launched this season at a starting price of $29,900 (28,180 coins) in the United States, which is less than the entry-level version of the Ocean. And it is that on the other side of the Ocean Sport with a front engine and with 250 miles of autonomy (402 kilometers) is on sale for $37,499 (35,345 coins).

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Although versions of this Fisker Piri have been announced, they could offer more than 300 miles (483 kilometers) of autonomy. And it is that it will possess well-developed mechanics and batteries in the ocean, with which it shares certain characteristics of identity in the external part. Although the American house does not give Fisker definitive pictures of his Piri, these new letters help to understand the figures of this agreement with a certain air of the distant road, when he talks about the “seat of the erect position”.

2023 Fisker Pear Bushings 1 Motor16
2023 Fisker Pear Bushings 2 Motor16


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