Five Pillars of the Balladares Campaign in Lanus

Five Pillars of the Balladares Campaign in Lanus

Mayoral candidate of the Union por la Patria (UP) in Lanus and leader of the Evita movement Augustin Balladares He presented five pillars of his campaign, with which he wants to win the internal Peronism against three other applicants. The central proposal is the central concern of the residents of the district is the safety Nestor Grindetti, Together for Change strongman and ex-candidate for governor of Buenos Aires. The other four central propositions that close the quintet of the fields in which he photographs are education, health, public works and production.

The central axis of Balladeres’ proposals is placed on security. as told letter p, presented among proposals to include more troops, monitoring centres, police posts and work to provide equal opportunities. But, apart from this, the candidate for the post of mayor is contesting internal elections against Julian Alvarez (The Campora), Nicolas Russo (Renovation Front) and Victor DeGenaro (People’s Union) emphasized four other key areas.

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In the area of ​​health, Balladares raised the need for health units to “recover”, with equipment, supplies and professionals who receive the remuneration they deserve for providing quality service, also assuring that they are Prevention and promotion must work hard. Health includes a network of promoters trained at the University of Lanus who go door-to-door promoting disease prevention. Finally, he called for “repaying a historical debt” owed to the city of Monte Chingolo by promoting the construction of a hospital specializing in pediatrics. The reference said, “Let’s end with the abandonment of Kravetz and Grindetti, Lanus gives in to more health.”

As for education, he assured that he would strive that all schools in the district have the same educational quality, adding that “despite millions of dollars being invested by the national and provincial government, this has not been reflected in improving the educational quality of our city.” These resources are administered by the municipality”, he created community educational plans including improving the infrastructure of all schools, building ten new maternity wards, doubling the number of kindergartens, improving and expanding school food service and clubs Assured while offering to do development committees and churches.

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In terms of public works, he proposes a comprehensive plan that includes taking the asphalt plant’s production to its maximum operation, while building a concrete plant that will give the municipality autonomy in paving roads. Thus, he assured, in a few years in four years all the roads in Lanus would be paved and the historical problem of potholes would come to an end.

He also proposed expanding the sewage network and reaching 100 percent, the construction of transshipment centers in East and West Lanus, and a heavy transport network. Also, revisit the Urban Planning Code, and think of public works as a motor for the development of culture and sport.

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Finally, in the productive matrix, Balladares, together with his team, has proposed technical and trade training schools in each neighborhood, strengthening the training in trade and new technologies provided by the municipality’s employment directorate, and the first measures As given the post of Under Secretary. Also create conditions for the establishment of new companies without taxes for those who rent a license, promote exports, and install special gondolas in supermarkets and shops for the sale of products from local SMEs.


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