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Five Steps to Finding Accommodation as a University Student

rent of flats Due to the potential for fraud in general, and for students in particular, due to high demand, rising prices, landlord requirements, and other reasons, this is becoming more and more difficult. However, you can safely follow these five steps to find the floor that suits your needs.

1. Find the Internet

There are many forums on the net dedicated to renting homes and many of them are experts. rent for students, In addition, you will also get owner ads, which will reduce the cost eliminate middlemen,

“Their priority is to find a flat directly from an individual without resorting to an intermediary or agency, as they usually charge a full monthly payment,” he explains. Kuvi, a platform that connects owners and students, on rental trends in this segment of the population. we miss you Institutions support the initiative So that students can rent flats without facing the High Commission.”

However, it is very important that you keep in mind that there are chances that they will try to cheat you, so You shouldn’t trust everything you find on the net,

This first tracking, in general, serves to get an idea of ​​the general trends in terms of price, sectors, etc. so you can sit realistic basis With regard to your preferences and needs.

2. Turn to the Pros

Sometimes a student’s own search alone is not enough to find a home that suits their needs and is available, especially due to the high demand in some cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Granada and Barcelona, It also increases hardship in relatively small populations that have a large influx of students due to student tradition, leisure services, and university quality, such as, for example, Murcia or Salamancaamong others.

In view of this, special agencies or platforms may have to be resorted to. For example, “Our rental platform is very complete, we have photos, videos, plans and specific information on both rooms and flats in general. With a quick search, just by selecting the city and rental dates, you can see a variety of options are, the location of the flat, proximity to the study centre, price, number of rooms, among other things”, explains Claudia Telaya, Aluni.Net . Head of Institutional Relations in,

In this way, it is possible to avoid the risk of ghost hireNamely, scams with apartments that are not actually rented, but which charge you an online deposit fee and nothing happens when the student arrives, as the forum warns.

However, that doesn’t mean that all management can’t be done from the network, as long as you have a professional company that gives you a guarantee, as explained here. Live4Life CEO Alberto Anas: “More and more clients are entrusting this quest to a professional in this field to work for them. Students already prefer to rent their apartments with nice graphic content from their mobile phones, just one With virtual travel, to meet multiple people and choose one instead of going physically.At Live4Life, which is a rental platform where we also offer chances to visit, we already have only 14% There are customers who ask to visit us. 86% of those who make do without it and rent directly online,


Whether you have got a flat on your own or through an agency, you need to keep in mind that the demand for flats is very high at present and it may happen that, if you think too much about it, you may end up with a flat. or the room you like.

“It depends on the city and the moment of discovery, but in general the student flats that are really worth it They are usually rented out before the search period arrives.”, commented a Kuwi spokesperson.

Alberto Ananos confirms the trend: “Year after year, we’re seeing how apartments, once available, are less lived-in on the web. The fact that we service equipment so that anyone who Wants to study in the city in which we work, can do it from the comfort of our own home and without face-to-face travel, student with us has printed an almost frantic pace in renting flats. Stock of flats which 3 years ago it cost us 4 months to rent, now we manage to occupy in only 1 month, and growing”.

Usually when the owner makes an agreement with the students, a sign is requested make reservation official, The speed with which these apartments are rented out is best if the apartment or room really interests you, pay the bail as soon as possibleTo make sure no one else rents it ahead of you.

4. Demand a contract

It is mandatory to sign a contract for both the room and the entire floorWhich will establish the rights of both owners and tenants and guarantee legal protection.

“For the safety and peace of mind of both parties, under no circumstances should your housing status be formalized in writing,” says Anados.

However, each owner chooses the legal formula that interests him most, so it is best to demand this contract from the very first moment. In addition to guarantees for one and the other, it will allow to request rental assistance In many autonomous communities, as well as demonstrating that the apartment is the student’s habitual residence, which is necessary for some procedures such as Census,

5. Have a Guarantor

Owners want to feel secure with respect to their flats, knowing that their properties will be well protected and that they will receive their payment every month. Therefore, it is common for them to ask for a series of Guarantee,

“We have found that there is a growing insecurity among students when it comes to renting out their homes to owners. It is common for owners to ask that Parents appear as guarantors, as well as being able to sign payroll contracts out of these. Remaining conditions a. are more focused on perfect coexistence within the flat And outside of this (dealing with neighbors) or through enrollment itself justification, that they are indeed students”, he confirms to Cuvi.

In general, it is not necessary to have a payroll, as the parent’s guarantee, along with their payroll, serves to financially answer for them.

“These are just specific cases in which tenants pay their rental costs. Generally, they are profiles that His only profession is education, and they rarely combine it with a part-time or weekend job”, clarifies Live4Life’s CEO. However, he emphasizes that “this type of rental is undoubtedly the safest option in terms of pay and profitability.” that is available on the market. However, there is one variable that every owner must consider in order to obtain a successful lease, and that is Take care of human relations with your tenants, Once the contract is signed, it becomes the most important thing.”


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