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Fixed Term, Dollars, Shares or Bitcoin?: The Unbeatable Investments So Far This Year

Inflation at such a high level, the increase in interest rates paid by placement in pesos and a free dollars Which had stagnated in the last month, lead savers to calculate what are the best investment options to protect surplus pesos.

to find out what were Most profitable instrument in the first 8 months of 2022, And also from the beginning of 2021 to the present, iProfessional compares the profits they made in those periods for investing an initial amount of $100,000.

Thus, it was analyzed Proceeds from the purchase of various dollars (solidarity, MEP and blue), the placement and acquisition of shares and bitcoins in a fixed period,

For the dollar, the exchange rate sharply restricts access to the official market, where those who have signed up for energy subsidies may be unaffected by this possibility of becoming a ceiling. $200 per month, a figure that’s roughly $48,000 at a “solidarity” price. Is equal toOn retail prices and taxes that move to the dollar at banks and exchange houses at a cost of $240.

a value that is at least About $50 less than the value of cash with blue, stock exchange (MEP) and liquidationWhich are at a low of $290.

At the same time, taking into account Fixed terms in pesos traditional at 30 days, and UVA, which is at 90 days and adjusted for inflation. Too The Merval Index, an analysis of stocks of major companies listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, closed in August with a gain of 11% and 60% of all 2022 advances. Finally, bitcoin is taken into account, which is down 14% in the month that just ended.

The Marvell index of major stocks is the biggest gainer in 2022, and it was the only one to beat inflation.

Savings: Stocks jump in the year

huge jump in prices major stock between July and AugustBy surpassing inflation recorded in the same period, making them the most attractive investment of the entire year.

Then, Last January, the saver allocated $100,000 for example in the Marvel index, earning a total of $162,000 in the first 8 months of the year. In short, he earned an additional $62,000 in that time.,

“during August stock asset price continued to rise The replication, although with less intensity, recorded an increase last July. With an appreciation of nearly 60% over the past two months, Merval is the only investment in selected menus that exceeded the increase in prices of a basket of goods and services in 2022 as measured by the national CPI”, details iProfessional andres mendezDirector of AMF Economy.

Therefore, this analyst delimits that An investor who held $100,000 last January should account for an amount closer to $155,000 today to maintain their purchasing power due to high inflation,

Then, below the price level of the economy, fixed duration UVA, with an accumulated amount of $149,000 throughout 2022 and Dollar BlueCon $143.560.

“Among the Antipodes, who have chosen this Bitcoin As of early 2022, they have lost about 40% of their nominal funds invested in pesos. If the loss of purchasing power of invested capital is related to inflation, it rises to 60%,” Mendez says.

Considering the saver who put $100 thousand at the beginning of the year, in August it turned out to be the best investment to buy Merval shares.

Shares and Fixed Term UVA in August

On behalf of the saver who invested last January $100 thousand in the leading stocks of the Merval indexThe profit he received last August was very lucrative, as he earned $16,000 in that month alone.

Fixed term UVA was the second option that stood out last month where he generated $9,200 with the aforementioned initial funding in early 2022.

“After last July’s stellar performance, Different definitions of the dollar didn’t ‘shine’ in AugustAlthough the consolidation dollar noted a better position, noting that the Central Bank has accelerated the rate of nominal adjustment, although still below the national CPI”, summarizes Mendez in iProfessional.

What are the outstanding investments since the beginning of 2021

Now, while balancing For the saver who invested $100,000 in early 2021, the results showed that only bets on Merval exceeded inflation recorded over the past 20 months, accumulating $273,300 over that period,

“The results do not differ significantly from those recorded in the first eight months of 2022: Except for Marvell, other options have been outpaced by the increase in IPC, With a singularly significant performance for bitcoin”, Mendez mentions.

Similarly, in other offers, which give a higher yield from January 2021 to the present, but still offer fares below economy prices, UVA Fixed Term ($228,000) and Cash with Liquidation, with a total deposit of $207,000,

From early 2021 until now, Merval’s shares were the big winners. The one who invested $100,000 20 months ago already has $273,300.

in this context, Outperforms some options as a traditional fixed term investment option, The blue dollar, like the savings dollar and bitcoin, still accumulates a loss of purchasing power in relation to inflation, reaching 17% over the past 20 months.

“This loss of fixed terms is indicative of a monetary strategy followed by The central bank, which promoted consumption over savings. For this reason, those who held their pesos in one of these 30-day placements renew them with interest accrued sequentially, during these past two years, only for the amount of goods and services they received at the end of August. 83% of those that were received. They will arrive in early 2021″, summarizes Mendez.

what to expect in september

With regard to investment expectations in the last months of the year, it should be remembered that Economists’ projections focus on decline in economic activityA fact that could change the results observed to date.

Therefore, without registering the upward correction of the various types of dollar seen since mid-June, “stock market assets measured in pesos will not enjoy sufficient arguments to maintain their detailed price action”, Mendez says.

As a result, for this analyzer they can reach “More Attractive” Be the Definitive Word, a fact that began to be celebrated in August with those who adjust for UVA, due to the excess of inflation. Whereas traditional ones “could do this from October onwards”.

Meanwhile, the big question experts are asking is what will happen to the dollar. “In this regard, consideration should be given to Saving Dollar Potential, Which Could Fix Lost Ground In These 20 Months and, in particular, during 2022″, concluded Mendez.

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